Tom Brady
Untitled Shared at May 31, 2021
I love the huge chasm between measurables and immeasureables. Like in a sport like Baseball or Football, the rules are so constrained. And yet still there are players like 
Tom Brady
who slip through the metrics cracks because there's just so much to the game even if it's a constrained game.

In business it's so much less constrained. So much more open. And so there's even more immeasurables! I think this is what makes business such a fun/daunting game for people.

And then when it comes to life.... it's a whole another level.

By the way I see you developing a lot of recurring concepts. I made a topics feature where you can kind of 'tag' a topic so that all content with that topic can be connected later. You can tag a topic by using [[

Just like @ will allow you to @ someone like
you can use [[ to mention a topic like 

In the future anyone who writes about the topic will find them and their words connected with others who wrote on such topics. 
Abraham Kim