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You don't always stay for long. 

It's just a drive-by, an idle hunt for a new hobby, or an old one set to lie. Window shopping fresh ways out, tangled strings leading back to the mouth of the cave. Knots are just a new checkpoint. You're supposed to move forward, after...
Drew's Pantry
🍊 9 Tangerines
πŸͺ 12 Cookies
🍺 18 Beers
🍍 10 Pineapples
πŸ₯© 12 Steaks
πŸ₯Ÿ 14 Dumplings
πŸ₯ƒ 14 Whiskeys
🍣 14 Sushis
πŸ₯“ 17 Bacons
β˜•οΈ 9 Coffees
🍫 16 Chocolate Bars
🍡 6 Teas
πŸ₯š 8 Eggs
πŸ§‡ 5 Waffles
πŸ“ 5 Strawberries
Short Stories

What We Seek

I've always wanted to catch a fish.
To feel that tropical sun beating down on my brow, snuffing out my caucasianity layer by layer, with the headphones of the waves churning through my eardrums. Memories and plans of a shaded drink living simultaneously in my lobes, an unnamed tune...
2021-07-30 02:25:14

Thicker Than Thieves' Water

"It ain't right."
"Fuck right. I can't stand it no more."
Merle took the cloth-wrapped pack off the counter. The flickering candlelight made the unit cigarette drooping from his lip dance like a black snake on the wall behind him.
"It ain't like we ain't got no hand in it," said Merle, his...
2021-07-29 02:19:38

Idle Hands

There was an empty boba tea next to her bag. 
That's really all she remembered, she told the police.
A younger-looking detective took notes purposefully, as though the ink itself could discern the truth of her statement.
She'd last seen the younger woman as she sat along the edge of the indoor fountain...
2021-07-27 02:21:46

Don't Bring It Home

I bought a couch today. In the morning the internet led me to someone who had just posted a couch not 8 hours ago, during the night. Four hours later I'd gotten a Uhaul, navigated to this stranger's home, gone into their basement and out again with a brand used...
2021-07-25 23:55:37

When One Can

"Ten times the butter doesn't get you ten times the rolls, Matthew," Rolf the Baker chided in his honeyed-barbed tone.
Matthew still couldn't make any sense of what it meant. It bore the weight of wisdom, but coming from the flour-spattered, unshaven Master Baker of the Wilted Rose Patisserie,...
2021-07-24 22:57:16

Shells Of Our Fathers

In quiet rows the serfs of the ocean deposited sun-painted shells and bits of stone upon the ivory sands. Shelled beasts, crustaceans, crabs all took to claw and carriage to dump their watery gains into storage piles.
No one knew why, for this is always what they'd done.

A rare sort of...
2021-07-24 01:08:31

From The Ashes

There were too many left, they thought. So they gathered the last of their belongings and wandered down the riverbank.
Too many flowers had sprung from the garden that morning. It had begun with the pinks and the purples and spread to the rest of the palette. Leaves and...
2021-07-23 01:53:28

A Day Like Today

A day like today I wanted nothing more than to get my bike out of the garage, redownload PokΓ©mon Go, and go for an idyllic summer adventure. I then remembered my bike was broken.
I walked to the market to pick up more La Croix, a drink that in past lives...
2021-07-21 19:58:41

I Know A Spot

"One to go, please."
Across the counter, a thick brown paper bag passed scratchily from gloved hand to naked hand. A pump pressed down on a pint-sized Purell and a bubbly jellyfish of sanitizer pumped out, rubbed to oblivion between two naked hands. Red eyes looked up from above a sky-blue...
2021-07-21 00:03:10

Ten Hut

 Would a walk in the woods help?
Would it be enough to take my eyes away from my phone, my master of dopamine that slices and dices my attention span to bite-sized ribbons child-friendly enough to slip away from any thought with enough meat to it to take more than idle...
2021-07-19 20:07:50