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You don't always stay for long. 

It's just a drive-by, an idle hunt for a new hobby, or an old one set to lie. Window shopping fresh ways out, tangled strings leading back to the mouth of the cave. Knots are just a new checkpoint. You're supposed to move forward, after...
Drew's Pantry
🍊 9 Tangerines
πŸͺ 12 Cookies
🍺 18 Beers
🍍 10 Pineapples
πŸ₯© 12 Steaks
πŸ₯Ÿ 14 Dumplings
πŸ₯ƒ 14 Whiskeys
🍣 14 Sushis
πŸ₯“ 17 Bacons
β˜•οΈ 9 Coffees
🍫 16 Chocolate Bars
🍡 6 Teas
πŸ₯š 8 Eggs
πŸ§‡ 5 Waffles
πŸ“ 5 Strawberries
Short Stories


β€œThere’s nothing on again,” you say as you refresh the YouTube TV Home page for the third time, again scrolling down the list to completion.
It’s 9:43pm on another Tuesday evening.
Or is it Wednesday, you nearly wonder before the TV takes you back into its hold.
2021-07-19 00:50:48

Just when ya thought

I set an alarm for this time with the idea that i’d be drunker that I am. That I’d add to a platform that I planned out the day before. Perfect for a weekend post!
I thought I’d fill those expectations, those fodder for the marketing material.
2021-07-18 02:34:03

There will be spelling mistakes in this

There will be missed punctuation, there will be hyperbole, there will be misstated intents and broad brushes and non sequiturs
But there will be a post, and a snippet of mind saved from when empty glasses hosted my reality this evening
We’re all memories of better people, after...
2021-07-18 00:23:14

A Calling Card

"Turn it over and read to me what you can see."
Her hair smelled like lavender. It masked the burnt incense smell that filled the rest of the tiny purple tent tucked away right beside the Milk Bottle Shoot.
"Eleven... nineteen... thirty-three."
The woman looked up from...
2021-07-16 21:24:21


Β Public speaking was always a more terrifying fear than death to me. At least if I died, I wouldn't have embarrassed myself, or said something stupid, something that people would remember. I could rest in that peace, I thought.
I was always afraid of people seeing me in a...
2021-07-16 00:19:37

Some Kind Of Way

It sipped its coffee like it was a ticket to a show that a friend couldn't go to, and wanted to enjoy it enough for the both of them.
It sipped its coffee like at a job interview, wanting to get to know it more while realizing that it wasn't...
2021-07-12 00:51:54