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You don't always stay for long. 

It's just a drive-by, an idle hunt for a new hobby, or an old one set to lie. Window shopping fresh ways out, tangled strings leading back to the mouth of the cave. Knots are just a new checkpoint. You're supposed to move forward, after...
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Short Stories


It’s not so much a movement as it is a feeling. It passes through crowds like wind through grass. They just ripple, drawn to motion atop heady ideals, but the roots beneath hold steadfast. 
A new wind blooms, fraught with new ideals. The grass follows. Breeze blows an opposite direction.

The grass...
2021-10-16 20:51:56

2 pH

I saw two, I grabbed two, I held one.
Its metallic, bubbly shape merged the two halves to form a sort of stone. In my hand I knew it to be a key.
In search of a door, I told myself. Or maybe a window. Though less known...
2021-10-11 23:55:34

You Know Me

"Well, you know me."

A phrase used to claim an obtuse outcome, inability to change or consider those around.

I heard this walking along a street today, saw the face of the recipient. They gave the "Ah" head nod that we all use as a silent prayer that the speaker turns to...
2021-10-11 01:38:49

When in

“I thought it was six letters”, cramming another caviar cracker into my mouth.

The little flavor bombs burst atop my tastebuds, already coated by garlic mayo and jalapeño butter from two previous rolls.

The sake poured like rain in a desert. Never enough.
2021-10-10 00:53:50

A Premise

Did you know that somewhere, somewhen, your name will be written on someone's calendar, with the name circled twice round? And when that date is fished out of the stream of time and into present, you will be presented with a peculiar offer.
This happens but once in everyone's...
2021-10-07 01:19:50


It's that old temptress, whose jet-black curls fall nearly to the floor, which lap up the purity and innocence of those around them to hang them like ornaments across their endless nebula within.

It's that same silver dress, whose splendor meets the room as when the moon first saw the sun...
2021-10-05 17:42:25

Where Were You

When it all fell down, I still remember that one moment, that peak of the arc, where all was still in the world. The chatter and clamor fell to a brief but perfect lilt. That lilt turned to a silence that floated atop all the airwaves and collective concern, and...
2021-10-04 21:04:08


I used to feel guilty for not working over weekends. Even if Monday is going to be hellish, I try not to now.

Especially if these hellish items didn't come to be until Friday afternoons, as a result of someone else foisting responsibility off on me. 

I sleep soundly. Monday is...
2021-10-03 23:00:57


"Yeah, eight years old? Eight years unemployed."

This country went to the dogs the moment that children were forced into schools.
2021-10-03 00:01:52

The True Night

“It’s really coming down,” said George. He rubbed his hands together, blowing some heat into his frigid palms.  Neal’s eyes turned toward the door. Without moving his body, they didn’t quite reach it. “Out there?” “Well there’s no snow in here.” “Not yet.” “Now don’t talk that way, Neal.” This time, Neal turned to fully...
2021-10-01 23:11:23