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She massaged his back slowly as he sipped his glass of whiskey on the edge of his large king sized bed. She could feel the cool spring air flow in through the windows causing the window curtains to wave in the darkness. “Did you have a rough night? You seem...
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PO Box 915
Thank You Richard as reply to too tired to fall asleep

   Victoria and Cameron had been staying at her friend Melissa’s house for half a week following the fire. The authorities were still conducting an investigation, but it appeared so far to be her neighbor’s fault. The one who that tall strong man had dropped the package off for. After talking...
2022-06-14 02:04:54

PO Box 915
Change as reply to too tired to fall asleep

At the post office, Jasmine and PT found the man who had worked behind the PO boxes had retired on Friday. He went Up North to live in a cottage by the lakes. The new PO Box woman, Cierra said. She didn’t have his number, but she knew his name....
2022-06-14 00:49:47

PO Box 915
Time and place as reply to moving in

Over the next couple of days Sammy buried herself in the Macomb House case. After reading the whole thing a couple of times she was mostly confused. The two main things that stood out to her were that the case itself did not appear to be closely related to Gardner's...
2022-06-10 02:22:03

PO Box 915
Mysteries never end as reply to it would continue

It was getting late, too late to start looking for Todd, Pt rationalized with himself as he drove to Jasmine’s house. He tried to just ignore the fact that he had to find a way to locate Cassie’s dog, but he couldn’t. Cassie was coming back in a few days...
2022-06-09 01:38:01

PO Box 915
The Meeting as reply to The Wolf

Martin McGray was doing pullups in his third story office at Wolfpack Logistics located in West City when he received the call from his assistant Sebastian.  “Hello Mr. McGray sir. Mr. Gardner has arrived and is currently seated at the front lobby. Should I send him up.” “Ahh he showed...
2022-06-05 14:45:10

PO Box 915
Large toothy smile as reply to you do know me

“Wait, how did you recognize me then? He asked trying to get a look at the man’s eyes but could only see the large toothy smile etched on his face from his vantage point. Todd barked twice at the man the hair on his backing standing straight up.  “It’s ok...
2022-06-03 01:42:31

PO Box 915
the heist as reply to lies

Sean sat in the bathroom stall trying to make sense of what charlotte had just told him. He knew something was off when he had picked her and Victoria up from her apartment. She was hardly talking and wasn’t herself at all. He could tell something was on her mind...
2022-06-02 01:13:59

PO Box 915
a bad feeling as reply to i think, i'm scared

 After holding each other for a bit, they examined the box further and found a small slender keyhole on the front of it. They checked the bag again but did not find any such key that would fit the keyhole. Disappointed yet also relieved they placed the box back into...
2022-05-31 23:35:33

PO Box 915
The hawk as reply to i think, i'm scared

He was tall slender man, maybe in his late 30s early 40s, his brown hair slicked back. He had handsome features yet also very plain. You couldn’t pick his face out of a crowd, but his body and demeanor were definitely distinguishable. He was a man you’d avoid eye contact...
2022-05-29 21:17:48