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She massaged his back slowly as he sipped his glass of whiskey on the edge of his large king sized bed. She could feel the cool spring air flow in through the windows causing the window curtains to wave in the darkness. β€œDid you have a rough night? You seem...
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πŸͺ 3 Cookies
πŸ₯ƒ 5 Whiskeys
πŸ₯š 4 Eggs
🍊 3 Tangerines
🍺 3 Beers
πŸ“ 2 Strawberries
πŸ₯“ 4 Bacons
πŸ₯Ÿ 2 Dumplings
🍣 4 Sushis
πŸ₯© 5 Steaks
🍍 6 Pineapples
🍫 1 Chocolate Bar
🍡 5 Teas
β˜•οΈ 3 Coffees
πŸ§‡ 1 Waffle

PO Box 915
So much more as reply to reading the room

Grover hopped in Sean’s old mini-van and looked out the window while Enema of the state by Blink-182 started playing. At the diner, Grover sat in the back by himself at any empty booth playing Super Mario on his old Gameboy while Charlotte and the other diner employees worked and...
2022-05-10 00:48:11

PO Box 915
Cool dog as reply to hum

    Jasmine pulled up to medium-large house on the west side of town. He had moved to the area about a year and a half ago but hadn't yet been to this neighborhood: Avalon Woods. All the houses were identical each with a manicured lawn and hardly any cars...
2022-05-08 22:23:27

PO Box 915
Hazel as reply to it's friday

Hazel was at Wesley Lachance’s party on Friday night. She felt like taking it easy and wanted to spend the night at home with her dad reading together by their living room lamp, but her best friend Katie really wanted her to come with. Katie had a crush on Wesley...
2022-05-06 01:03:52

PO Box 915
Sentimental as reply to at the park

"Hey, How's your day going?" he asked.
she looked surprised that he was wondering such a thing. "It was okay, I didn't get around to everything I need to do. But I caught up with some old friends." She sounded more tired and drained than in their prior interactions.
"That's alright I...
2022-05-05 00:40:08

PO Box 915
Batman as reply to cowboy

Georgie was in his living room watching youtube videos with his roommate Travis and coworker Marquis Friday evening. He had started a group chat with Roger and Grover and was about to give them a lift to Wesley Lachance's party with the hopes of getting Grover back his jersey. Roger...
2022-05-03 22:40:11

PO Box 915
An old friend as reply to sense

Jasmine was home alone in her mansion on this cloudy afternoon day. She still lived at home with her younger adult brother. Her father was a Radiologist and immigrant from Iran and her mom was a dental hygienist. Everyone always asked her when she never moved out. But why would...
2022-04-30 17:14:00

PO Box 915
Ball is life as reply to worth it?

Grover wasn't hungry today. His mom had spent hours preparing his favorite meal, pot roast, yet he had hardly touched his food. His 2 sisters, Charlotte and Sierra were arguing about some reality TV show and His step dad was venting to his mom about work drama. He had enjoyed...
2022-04-30 00:20:24

PO Box 915
Good Boy as reply to waiting in the unit

"Good Boy". He said as a tall skinny white white dog appeared from behind Cassie and began to dance uncontrollably and submit himself before him.
"Todd looks smaller." He said "Were you guys on a walk?"
"No. I'm dropping him off. You agreed to watch him for the next week, remember?"
"Uh.. Yeah...
2022-04-29 11:51:53

PO Box 915
Bus as reply to library nerds

As the bell rang and the students started filing out of the classroom, Grover made his way to the bus, the bloody Johnny Timberland jersey stashed away in his backpack. He didn't care at all about sports, but possessing this jersey was different. In Biology class, his last class of...
2022-04-28 00:15:41

PO Box 915
hey stranger as reply to gravity

He wanted to open up the package right here at the cafe, but something about it felt wrong to him. He already stole it from the mysterious PO Box but there was something telling him that he should wait until later when he was away from prying eyes and suspicion....
2022-04-23 22:38:53