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She massaged his back slowly as he sipped his glass of whiskey on the edge of his large king sized bed. She could feel the cool spring air flow in through the windows causing the window curtains to wave in the darkness. “Did you have a rough night? You seem...
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coffee shop as reply to strangers

Georgie parked in the coffee shop parking lot and made his way inside. The coffee shop was located on the edge of the town close to the forest and highway system. It was a relatively new establishment, Cool Beans. He hadn’t yet noticed it, but he had known of the...
2022-05-29 21:03:29

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Beyond their control as reply to more juice

Jasmine had picked PT up and they were headed to the house across the street from Johnny’s, the house in the photograph, to scope things out. They had discussed many times where they thought the photos had come from or who had left them in that package, but hadn’t come...
2022-05-29 01:48:19


2022-05-28 17:46:39

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Going out as reply to heavy

      Victoria stared at her body in the mirror as she put on a new outfit she’d purchased last week. When she sucked her belly in she looked okay she thought, but standing normally without trying to alter her appearance, her belly fat leaked over the top of...
2022-05-28 00:51:30

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Thieves and lowlifes as reply to heavy

      Georgie had just returned to the Kransz mart after his lunch break. This was his last week running the deli counter and he was set to start his new duties as the evening shift supervisor the next week. He was initially excited for the promotion seeing that his...
2022-05-26 21:28:06

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Apple Juice as reply to creepy

      Larry hadn't broken any bones during the accident, but he was unable to walk without a limp and complained about his hip. He was already to go back into his apartment to resume his day, but Zach insisted that they go to urgent care at the hospital....
2022-05-22 21:21:11

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Roll with the punches as reply to killing time

“Thanks for the Distraction Grove man! You took one for the team!”“Oh no I left my backpack at Wesley’s.” Grover groaned and shivered his clothes still soaking wet.  ---------------------------------- Back at Lachance’s…. “Hey what the fuck do you think you’re doing! Hey you! stop those fuckers!” Wesley yelled at Roger and Grover as...
2022-05-14 01:42:18

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no respect as reply to Duffel Bag II

Johnny Timberland waited anxiously in his car as he awaited the text from Jasmine. He looked at his phone for a couple minutes and tried calling her. “Heyaa! Jasmine here…” “Hey Jasmine, Wha—the prerecorded message continued. I’m probably out right now! Call you back as soon as I can! BYeee.”...
2022-05-13 00:03:51

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always learning something as reply to robin

"Yeah I'm having a good time. There's so many people here." Said Hazel to Danny.
"You seemed like you were having a good time. Why aren't you talking to anyone though? You've been sitting by yourself for awhile now."
Hazel was surprised Danny had even noticed. She was sure no one was...
2022-05-12 01:13:02

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so complacent as reply to alone

     Zach dropped him off at Brady’s and they arranged to meet up to work at Zach’s place next week. He finally had his car back. His old Chevy Malibu he got passed down from his mom, the chick filet wrappers from last week still littered the floors and...
2022-05-11 00:50:07