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Senior Full Stack Web Developer and Voluntary Paramedic

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Philipp's Pantry
🥃 8 Whiskeys
🍣 4 Sushis
🍍 6 Pineapples
🥩 14 Steaks
🥚 6 Eggs
🍊 6 Tangerines
🍪 10 Cookies
🍺 13 Beers
🍵 8 Teas
🥓 2 Bacons
☕️ 8 Coffees
🍫 7 Chocolate Bars
🧇 6 Waffles
🥟 7 Dumplings
🍓 1 Strawberry

Day Off

Tomorrow is some kind of Christian holiday. Here in Austria we’ve got a bunch of those and so it is also a bank holiday. And thus, there won’t be a grocery store open tomorrow. Also, I don’t have to work.
Which means I need to cook something myself instead of eating...
2021-05-12 13:22:22

Stone Paper

As you might now, I’m regularly browsing Instagram to waste time (yes, I know that’s bad, anyway). Obviously Facebook has to make money from Instagram. 

Advertising is the main business of Facebook, so it is now wonder I’m getting ads somewhat regularly in my feed.

Most of the time it is...
2021-04-30 14:52:05


I was having a strange dream today. I was working long hours in the office and suddenly people came in.

It was probably around 11 pm or something, the door opened and people came in and sat in places where normally other people are sitting. People I never saw in my...
2021-04-27 04:44:15

MacBook Air and iMac

Apple just announced a completely new iMac series with the new M1 chip. At work we recently got a new MacBook Air with the M1 chip (for debugging purposes).

As far as I can tell, the new generation of CPUs designed by Apple seem to be really high performance once. I...
2021-04-25 09:08:40


Today I visited my grandparents which live about 120 kilometres (per direction) away from me. I haven’t seen them in at least half a year and since my grandmother already got her COVID vaccine, I thought I should be ok.

Although I got my shot a few weeks back (and finally...
2021-04-24 16:45:36

Sleep Cycle Destroyed?

Well, I did something bad yesterday and continued to do it today. :)

After watching SAFE I continued watching stuff (Crank & Crank 2) until it was long after midnight. I woke up relatively late at 10 or 11 today. I stayed in bed and watched some YouTube on my iPad....
2021-04-18 16:43:38

After Duty Ritual

Although I’m not sure if this applies to all paramedics, I think most of us do something after their duty / shift.

As you might have guessed buy now, I was doing a Paramedic shift today (from 7am til 7pm). I wasn’t in duty for over a month so I was...
2021-04-17 18:33:23


I think it has been a few months since I was actively writing stuff. Baz shut down his webpage and I had to download all my content to not lose it.

Although I’m in the web business for a few years (well, 7 as Full Stack Developer), I wanted to self...
2021-04-16 14:49:43

The bar in Cuba

A few years back, when I started something cigars and drinking whisky, my best friend and me made a decision, a promise.

If somebody we get overwhelmed by the world, the internet and everything else, we are going to Cuba and open up a cigar and whisky bar.

I know, I know,...
2021-04-15 11:01:11


So I know I broke the streak. But I think I found the perfect time to write. I’m currently sitting in my Car, waiting for it to charge for at least another thirty minutes.
I bought an expensive foldable wood “table” to use on the driver side, so why not put...
2021-04-14 15:17:14