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Senior Full Stack Web Developer and Voluntary Paramedic

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Philipp's Pantry
🥃 8 Whiskeys
🍣 4 Sushis
🍍 6 Pineapples
🥩 14 Steaks
🥚 6 Eggs
🍊 6 Tangerines
🍪 10 Cookies
🍺 13 Beers
🍵 8 Teas
🥓 2 Bacons
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🥟 7 Dumplings
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Although I won't become a father soon (haha, how can you get pregnant as a guy without a girl?), a couple I know (two of my coworkers) recently told me they're going to have a baby.

Another coworker will soon start maternity leave and one of my cousins expects his second...
2021-04-04 16:22:30

Am I back?

Actually, I don't really know. I had the draft for the Astra Zeneca Story laying around a long time in my notebook. I wanted to publish it on, but I couldn't gather all my thoughts together to write something in german.

Although German is my main language, it somehow feels...
2021-04-03 07:44:24

AstraZeneca Experience

Almost a month ago I was vaccinated with AstraZeneca. Sadly there is a bunch of bad news about it. Some countries even stopped using it, just to start using it again a few weeks later.

Because of all that bad stuff that people are talking about, I want to share my...
2021-04-02 05:21:15