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Will road in the car an old suit, and his Dads old tie. The cloud factory to his left he looked at it.

Yeah good to see you too!

The cloud factory was silent. He was cold, and the heat was blasting pushing away some condensation on the windshield. He leaned forward scratching his leg. High socks bothered him, this belt bothered him. All of it.

The last time he saw Jesse they were saying goodbye, but made plans to meet up again the next day, so he doesn't even remember looking at her. His head was down reading
 or another text, or maybe thats when he started dating Val so he was heading to hers. Either way he didn't really say bye. There was instead like a week of excuses then he talk that job out west. His Dad used to say his family had never been west of the Mississippi. Til now he thought. He turned on the radio and fell into old habits he leaned against the left, and only had his right hand on the wheel.

He went down Jesse's street, and to the spot they used to smoke. Now there was a coffee shop on the corner. What the fuck. It was brightly lit and had copper light fixtures. Fucking
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