back for awhile death phone number

as reply to Hipsters

"Never thought I'd see you back in town."

"What does that mean?"

"Just that."

"What's... just that?"

"You know. You left for college, went out west, and then it seemed like we never happened to you. Like all of this didn't happen to you."

The other man was right. Will did think that for a while. Until Jesse's
of course. Then it became all too obvious that his hometown did actually happen. Will even thought about not coming back. If he could resist returning, pass the next few weeks pretending like Jesse's passing didn't affect him then maybe he could go the rest of his life pretending that Cloud Town never happened. At least not in his life.

He probably could've done it. Stayed out west as the rest of Jesse's friends mourned together. Will definitely could've not returned. But he knew he wouldn't be happy with that years, decades later. So for his own future sanity he came back. It was the right thing to do he told himself.

"I'm staying awhile actually."

"Oh? I'm sure the parents don't mind having you home for awhile."



"So let's catch up sometime. I mean."

He examined Will with a cockeye.

"Sure. Just hit me up." he gave Will his
phone number
, which had changed since high school.