fixers Harvard fixer principles Range Rover

as reply to Rob and Tim meet Layla

"Yo, do you need to hit the gas that much?"

"What do you mean?"

"The engine. You always make it roar like a fucking beast."

"Yeah. So what? I like the sound of the engine."

"It's a waste of gas."

"What do I care. What the fuck do you care? I pay for the gas!"

"I'm talking about principles. Why waste fuel and pollute the planet by slamming the gas?"

"Pollute the planet? Listen to this guy. You're a fucking 
, you care about the planet? Since when do you have 
? Huh? Take your principles elsewhere. They're not allowed in a god damn 
Range Rover
you fucking prick."

"So that's what it is huh? I'm a fixer so I can't ever have any principles."

"Honestly? Not really. You kill people for a living. You and I don't get to decide what is right and wrong."

Silence for a bit.

"You pissed?" Rob asks, taking his eyes off the road for a moment.

Tim continues staring out the passenger window.

"I know. It sucks being the bad guy. But look. Our parents didn't go to 
or anything so this is the only path for us unless we okay with being poor right?"

Tim didn't look his way.

"Come on, you don't want to be poor do you? One of those plebs standing outside Washington with signs begging that the government or billionaires come save us? No I didn't think so. So let's not be smug about it, but let's also not beat ourselves up. So what if we kill a few people? Does that make us any worse than the next human? We're still human."

The car rolled to a stop near the back entrance to a large building. A well dressed man in sunglasses came out to meet them. When he arrived at Rob's side, the driver's window slid down.

The man looked at the two of them. You couldn't see his eyeballs through the shades, but you could tell he was looking at the both of them. At one and then the other. And then back to the one.

"You two were arguing weren't you?"

"No." both say.

The man stares at them unmoved, obviously not believing them. He turns around and then the two finally get out of the car and follow him into the large building.