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The tests showed neither conclusive evidence for good or bad. Basically he wasn't going to die from it anytime soon. But the  doctor s weren't willing to say that he would not die from it. He could still die from it. The numbers were still high. But they weren't so...

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Abraham Kim
death phone number
"Never thought I'd see you back in town."

"What does that mean?"

"Just that."

"What's... just that?"

"You know. You left for college, went out west, and then it seemed like we never happened to you. Like all of this didn't happen to you."

The other man was right. Will did think that for a...


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It happened quick. He never saw it coming. Never saw it happen even. In the movies you got to see how people mourned you. How your  death brought people together even for just a weekend.

But in real life you just died. Went into the darkness. No way to see or...

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Abraham Kim
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He knew that staring at his phone looking for more interesting content wasn't a good use of time. But he had nothing better to do. He had decided that life was not worth living. Not that he was  suicidal or anything. But just that there was no point in living....

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wise woman

death ambition
Existentially, the wise woman has no ambition .

Day to day, in the moment,

the wise woman has great ambition.

She has aims and knows what they are for.

Thus she performs everything without existential rumination

on whether the thing she is doing

is the "right" thing.

Existentially, the confused woman has great ambitions.

Day to day, in...

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death life time
I thought about when my girlfriend's sister got married, and it's already almost two years. That makes you realize that time goes by so fast. And that makes you realize that death will soon be here. It's easy to think that it'll never come and that life is long. But...

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Shadow | Wanderlust

sun death shadow Wanderlust alien Indonesia
Her back was to the windows with the blinds open so that the  shadow made her face black.

"I can't see you," he said. 

"What do you mean?"

"You're a shadow." He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes as she walked over to the bed and now the  sun shined upon...

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It has been a few weeks since my grandfather died ( Grandfather Yours Truly & A day off (Death and Webhosting inside) Yours Truly ) in contrast to the death of my other grandfather...


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As I have written in 2021 - A shit Year Yours Truly   my Grandfather was terminally ill . As you can already read I'm using a different time form. Today we will put him to rest. Don't wonder if I'm jumping times...