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One thing I love about software is how
the output is to the input. Maybe this is why when many developers 
they reach for things where the input and output are intimately linked. Things like 

I love the latter too now. For the most recent years I obsessed over only doing things that were asymmetric. I convinced myself that even ten minutes spent on something symmetric was a waste of my life. I would hate doing things like cooking and cleaning and sometimes even meeting with a friend, or at least the idea of planning to meet with a friend because in reality I'd actually love meeting with them. 

In short, I basically idolized the type of lives touted on the 
Church of Twitter
. Initially I could perceive the distance between the espoused values and my own. I knew that there was a lot ot learn from people like 
Naval Ravikant
but that their word wasn't universal. I also had my perspective and the people around me had perspectives to offer me as well. But over time, after listening to
thought leaders
like Naval on repeat the border between me and the 
's milieu eroded until I could only think what I wanted was what everyone on my selectively small bubble of Twitter wanted.

These days I love both asymmetry and symmetry. Putting a few hours into pulling weeds and roots out of the soil makes me feel grand. Doing dishes and making things like 
shines my days a hue that I couldn't get from only working on things like programming. The funny thing is that this kind of approach has not only stayed within the symmetric grounds but also into my asymmetric pursuits. 

I no longer care as much about writing the 
perfect abstraction
. I'm more okay with going with the flow for some period of time. I feel more okay with such though because I know that I have control. Whenever I want I can choose to bunker down on the abstraction. Nobody's going to force me to do the thing I do today tomorrow. 

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