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read what you love until you love reading.

I'd like to also add that doing something at the same time reduces the discipline required. It's counter intuitive but doing something daily at a set time might seem like it takes discipline but i argue that it takes more discipline to do something everyday but at random times... because you're constantly having to use free will.

Just set a time but a short time and do it everyday. Later on you can change the time/duration/etc.
Abraham Kim
I think it's a 
fool's errand
to try to focus on getting people to execute before one knows how to execute on high level themselves. 

I believe you and I are in the same boat regarding execution. We've finally stumbled upon how to execute, but we still don't do it regularly... and still are far from mastering it.

People probably pontificate how to improve the execution of others because in their head they think that if they can lead people this way somehow they can outsource all the hard work... this plus also we study a lot of already successful people and those people have reached a stage where delegation and the fostering of others' execution is the game.

However, how masters are is not how they got there.

From studying a lot of top performing organizations/teams, my current standpoint is that there is no way to lead from the start unless you come in with proven experience... like let's say your someone like 
Naval Ravikant
or something.

Besides that you just have to find something your willing to execute on and do it well for long enough for it to attract other like-purposed people who you can then collaborate with. 

Also in my experience I think the top performers find it easier to work with others because they are more stingy about who they work with. Beginners are more willing to just say yes and agree to work on projects in a moment of inspiration but not really have the stamina to see things through.
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The secret

Life is short and you only get one of them, unless you believe in an afterlife, but apparently all afterlives are incredibly horrible or blissful so you probably won't have the same ambitions once you get there. Like if you find yourself burning in hell you probably won't care whether...

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One thing I love about software is how asymmetric the output is to the input. Maybe this is why when many developers  burnout they reach for things where the input and output are intimately linked. Things like  gardening and  baking bread. 

I love the latter too now. For the most...