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I remember my first time watching 
Breaking Bad
feeling more world like. The arcs that the character went through felt like phases more than just something that happened as part of a plot over a few episodes. 

This time around I can see things develop and I'm astonished how quickly things happen and people change. I'm more in awe as a creator now watching how the writers of the show produced such a tight script whereas before I was in awe as a viewer.

Rewatching also allows you to see the different forks that could've taken place. As in the numerous occasions where a character -- usually 
Walter White
-- makes a decision thinking he's ensuring himself one thing while cementing another consequence. And eventually all of this leads to season 5 as we know.

I'm excited to do some heavy and tight writing for this week. I want to revise the hell out of what I'm writing as a copycat for this Saturday. Usually I don't give the writing, the language, much of a mind because I always think it's more about the story, but I purposely chose to copycat someone who's a language head.
I am definitely due for a re-watch. It will be interesting to see how it holds up,
2021-05-03 12:47:23
Looking forward to Saturday myself. Being able to write either of my chosen authors would be a treat. 
2021-05-04 02:48:05

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