There's no direct train line from where you are to where you want to be

It's easy for the
to appreciate food just as it's easy for a
binge eater
to despise their attachment to food. The key is to appreciate the importance of food while not becoming enslaved by it. The key is to nourish yourself with the food without losing respect for it.

In the short term it's really easy to just do one extreme, absolute thing. Maybe this is why we all crave the
silver bullet
because that's what feels easy. We don't want the responsibility of holding polar thoughts and values. We want everything reduced to something simple so that we can just get on one train and ride that to our destination. But unless you're extremely lucky the chances the world built a train that goes from where you are to where you want to be, forever, doesn't exist.

You'll need to look at maps, ask people, and spend time and energy taking connecting train rides. Sometimes this will mean anxiously hoping you arrive on time and running to the other train just as its doors are closing. Other times it'll mean sitting at the bench looking at the clock.

The cool thing to admit nowadays is to preach the virtues of realizing how hard the journey will be. It thrills us to accept this. We love listening to
who've made it. We love to see how difficult they had it and we like to see our current situation like their's before they made it. Maybe your different but doing this hasn't served me well. I've finally gotten enough distance to see and admit what I was actually doing. I didn't want to see and face the difficulties in my own life. So I tried my hardest to find it in other people. Winners out there.

Maybe that's what I needed to do to finally get to this point though. It was one path that's for sure. But now that I'm here I see that there was a more pleasant route I could've taken.

Good observation Sir Abe. I remember 
 had once recommended writing a letter to my younger self post back in 2019. I believer a few of us did indulge in that for a few things. I really liked those retrospective posts cause it captures some of the things you talk about here. For me, it makes me think about my experiments and failure in a different light. Instead of looking at one goal or one incident, that type of hindsight helps us to see the bigger picture. 
2021-05-04 02:37:07
I think this is a brilliant piece. If it were a chapter in a book, I’d have the entire chapter highlighted 
2021-06-08 18:01:03

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