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This Saturday is our introductory meeting for the
Echo and Narcissus
writing club. I'm glad that I already have my narcissus decided. All I need to do now is re-read my favorite stories by
Colin Barrett
and pick two excerpts. 

I'm looking forward to writing out what I like about these excerpts and what I'd like to copy. I've never formally done this with any writer I've admired. I've thought about it in my head, but these days I've become convinced that just as a picture can be worth a thousand words, one day of writing down a thought is is worth a thousand days of thinking about it in solely in your head.

Writing a thought or feeling down makes it that much more real. Until then it pervades my life but it still seems like some uncertain decision still under committee. I think this is also why people fear writing things down. It'll give it life. Maybe they don't want to give life to something that they don't want to confront.

But what I'm learning is that making something real makes everything easier. Easier to build upon. And in the worst case, easier to learn from and ascend.

You are on top of everything with this class Sir Abe. I thought we had a couple of weeks before May 1st. But I am still trying to decide my writer. Paradox of choice. 
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