Used to fear open source packages

I spent the summer of 2016 desperately trying to write a novel. Most days I didn't manage more than a paragraph. I' spend most of my laptop time distracted on either reading about successful tech people or watching random things on
. One day I came across a
choose your own adventure
game where you were accused of being a double agent. I must've played that game at least three dozen times trying to get the best outcome.

The game wasn't an ambitious game. In fact it wasn't even a commercial release. It was released by
as an example of what you could create using their
open source
scripting language Ink. I was blown away. Not as a consumer, but as a fellow creator. I looked at this and thought I need to make something like this! I could make something like this. Suddenly writing a novel didn't seem good enough. Now I wanted to write an interactive fiction game.

I spent a few days reading about Ink, trying to pump myself up to actually write my game. But I never even downloaded the scripting language. Truth be told, I was just getting into
at the time so I didn't have any confidence in being able to undertake open source tools and just use them at my whims.

Yesterday though, when I saw Ink pop back up in my life through
Hacker News
, I glanced at Inkle's website -- they've created some badass looking games! -- and read through Ink's documentation page on
. I might not have a job like I thought I would have by this time, but I did have extreme confidence in being able to use Ink. While reading the docs, its conventions just made sense to me.

Oh and I also have a good use case for it. A project with 
. I've already begun the 
So this is what you had loaded in the chamber ready to fire at me if I said, "Yes, I've always wanted to be a game designer!" 🤣
2021-05-01 14:30:54
loaded in the chamber
mean having a conversation or rant ready to go? 

In that case nah. I wasn't going to talk about this with you if you said yes lol.

I actually wanted to write about this the moment I decided that I'd learn how to use the scripting language Ink
2021-05-01 15:58:48
I was just playing with imagery. Not a conversation or rant but just a suggestion to look into it if I confessed to the desire.
2021-05-01 16:24:50
I just remembered you mentioning how if they had the code courses they have for kids like learning through 
it would've been a game changer for you. Also I just know you're a huge D2 fan lol.

2021-05-01 16:30:25
Also maybe in the future yeah maybe we'd wanna make a game together. Who knows. Possibilities are open. so long as the people are lol
2021-05-01 16:30:44
I am not a fan of video games. At All. But I am intrigued by what you described. If there was a way to do it without code, it may be an interesting project. 
2021-05-01 18:32:01
Keni they do have this:

It allows you to write interactive fiction without having to write code. It's less powerful than using the scripting language but it's still quite good.
2021-05-12 16:34:40

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