So why am I writing two posts a day?

No I'm not trying to match 
. What I realized was that writing one post a day wasn't enough for me. Not because there's anything wrong with the number one. It's just that I enjoy writing for two reasons.

The most important reason I write is because I want to tell stories that affect people emotionally. This is the primary reason. If I had to choose between this one or the other I'd pick this in a heart beat. Only it's not so easy. Because when I try to
on this goal then I can't get far. I become a one-day-gonna-write-something-important novelist like
. I've observed this time and time again and after the transition off the 
boat and onto this website I promised myself I wouldn't let myself fall into that trap again. 

The second reason I write is because I want to share my writing process. I like it when developers and designers share their work process in blogs. And I wanted to do the same with my writing. And actually I notice that when I'm unable to do the actual storytelling, I can always do this latter one. And this is a method of storytelling too, although it's more about sharing knowledge and insight rather than affect. 

But I realized and accepted awhile ago that alternating between writing fiction and then writing documenting style day by day wasn't going to cut it. If I want to write fiction at the caliber I want then it's going to require more input. There's two things driving this call to action. The 
Echo and Narcissus
writing club and also revisiting 
My Feelings when Viewing my Earliest Posts Yours Truly

Replies to So why am I writing two posts a day?
I'll have to give more thought to my reasons for writing, but at first glance, I think I am decidedly more selfish than you are. 
2021-05-07 15:19:55
Writing for myself first and foremost. Like donating blood. It's for numero uno and if it helps other people that's great too. 
2021-05-07 16:48:28
Oh writing for me is self-serving as well. I just realized that if I don't do the sharing part I can't do the self-serving part. So it's not out of benevolence.
2021-05-07 18:52:57

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