What do you miss the most?

Think about your life up to this point and ask yourself: “what memories do I miss the most?”

For me, the memories that come to surface immediately are the times when I went hiking, or the times I spent with friends and family — often laughing together. 

In the middle of an intense project or a contentious discussion with colleagues, it’s easy to go into crisis mode and feel overwhelmed.

During these times, it can be especially helpful to look back at your life and think about the aspects you’re most fond of. 

In doing this exercise, you are reminded of what your true values are. And in reminding yourself of these values, you realize that, in the words of Richard Carlson, the ‘crisis’ you’re sweating now is almost certainly ‘small stuff’ in the grand scheme. 
Replies to What do you miss the most?
I once was able to tell you my favorite memory or even memories. But lately I've grown to think of memories more as weather and terrain.

As in I used to think that the perfect terrain was mountains in the sun. And then I thought it was mountains in the snow while being huddled inside a quaint cabin.

Once I thought the perfect terrain was coastal, dry beaches. 

The list goes on and on, but since then I've come to just think that I couldn't pick one as my favorite. I like them all. I love the space like desert of 
and I am blown away by the green urban scape of 

These days such great memories come from so many different wellsprings. And I can't point down to where they happen. Although you are right that they always are connected to people. 

  cause I wonder what her thoughts are on this. 

As I write this I'm starting to realize that the best memories in hindsight are always connected to people. But sometimes I get thinking that the phase I'm currently in in the moment are best when I'm alone. I think my 30s will be based on figuring out this dichotomy. Maybe not figuring, but exploring.
2021-05-27 18:50:45
> In doing this exercise, you are reminded of what your true values are.

This simple sentence brings so much together for me. I love to spend a late night sifting through the digital shoebox of memories, awash in nostalgia. I find that while I have changed, and certainly my circumstances have changed, there are many values that have remained steadfast through the decades.

Journalling and writing are wonderful tools to create this thread of continuity and learning throughout our life.
2021-06-01 13:33:59