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It is amazing that the answer to this question is so obvious to me. I miss my college years when I was surrounded by friends I most related to and spent time with. 

I think when I was younger, my trust and enthusiasm of  other people and their motives was innocent and optimistic. It was very easy for me to make friends and have a good time. I made time to meet people and genuinely get to know them and so I reaped the rewards. 

The older I got, the more I traveled and the more stressed I became, the less I spent time with people. And I miss having genuine conversations and connections where I am not assessing how to avoid people. Things become so transactional as we age that making time to just connect feels like an unproductive fool's errand. 

In addition, we don't go out to do new things and discover new people - so we are often wondering if we can afford to break-up with the friends we have even if there are genuine reasons to do so. 

On the other had, we also are being set in our ways and topics like religion, politics and climate change could be sufficient reason to give up on good potential friendships. 

I miss the innocence and dependability of young friendships. 
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reading this and that older post reminds me of how being at 
 felt for me. There was just so much open time and space for a collective of people to share experiences and growth together. That was the number one education in my view. Far greater and undescribable than something that was delivered via syllabi, tests, and online videos.
2021-05-28 18:22:33
Ditto. I feel the same way about my college days back home. Once I came to the US, it was all about taking 24 credits a semester and working 2 jobs so none of the great things happened here. But I agree that the college experience is a critical one in the relationships we build and the social skills we develop. 
2021-05-29 01:49:43