This is the state of the world right now:

- Out of a city where a modern institute of virology produces countless viral samples in the course of its daily operations, it is easier to make people believe that a Chinaman ate a bat, like fuckin' Ozzy, and then infected the entire world.

- Throughout the course of a global pandemic, where the most obvious after-effect a virus run amok is a 99% survival rate, it makes more sense to stop all human activity, curb civil liberties, and keep people shut into their homes.

- Where, mere months before the pandemic, Messenger RNA was nothing more than unproved and untested biotechnology, and analysts warned investors to stay away from its 'swan song', it is now our succor from the plague.

- Where, weeks before the pandemic, one of the world's wealthiest men - coincidentally also one of the largest biotech and pharma investors - relinquishes a decades old role to focus on "new challenges", and thereafter dictates public policy to governments worldwide.

- It is a world where global leaders swear up and down about the veracity, efficacity, and truth of one narrative, only to go back on it only weeks or months later, and behave as if the new 'truth' is now gospel - "for real guys, this time I know exactly what I'm talking about" - and the people believe it. 

- It's a world in which the opportunity to travel today, is worth any shackles that might cover us tomorrow

- It is a world where even those who question, even the most skeptical, take the vaccine.  

It is a soft, fat, comfortable world; one ready for the taking.
There will be no opposition. 
"It is a world where even those who question, even the most skeptical, take the vaccine." Not I, sir.
2021-05-28 02:12:56
One thing that fascinates me is that you wholeheartedly claimed that 
has been an awesome time for you and treated you well. Yet you have this fierce macro discontent.

It seems that actually most of your discontent -- expressed form at least -- heavily leans towards macro. You get pissed about the publishing industry and shitty readers rather than your micro/personal writing habits. 

Adding an LOL here cause I don't want this to come off as me being pissed or angry at Gabriel. I always try to challenge him and his thinking lol.
2021-05-28 16:51:48
This brings me back to exactly what I was thinking and writing about today. Trust or lack thereof. Even as I was reading the post here, I was thinking about how trust is gone. If any of the different theories turn out to be true and proven so, we as a species would all lose any trust left for each other. 
2021-05-29 02:33:57
I think Keni hits the nail on the head, it's all about everyone's individual trust-meter. I probably trust people more than institutions for example, but that's not saying much. Also probably not helpful. 
2021-06-02 13:25:20
That makes sense Gabriel. 

I always like the idea of larger and larger proportions of the competent people in my cohort going into institutional settings rather than the standard fair job for that lot.

In the states, we'd be much better off if our young competent people pursued more positions of civil service so that we could have an array of local governments. 

But then again maybe one can argue that corporations are institutions too now. In the U.S they very much are. 

At the end of the day I think we need more competent people to be bosses instead of employees. 

But yeah personal trust. Trusting people. That's at least one thing we have a shot at in this life. It's funny that you say you struggle with that even.
2021-06-02 15:07:12
 I think the macro/micro discontent discussion is an entire essay. It parallels the JBP 'clean your room' ethos, (ie. expert in saving the world but incapable of cleaning one's own room.) 
Or maybe I just like cutting down big trees with my small axe. 
2021-06-04 00:33:02