Rediscovering freedom

These days I'm at home with my parents, in the house where I lived my childhood. It's my third day today, it's been raining constantly since I arrived. The city where I am right now is called Ploiesti, which translates to The city of rain. Today I felt freer than yesterday, more in control of my destiny. I'm much calmer, much more peaceful somehow more light. Why do I feel like that? Because I ended my collaboration with a client that I've been working with in the past 4 years. I left the day he announced his series B round of 25M. I quit because I want to work on my projects, on my own ideas. I could not find a balance between doing client work and doing creative work for myself. Why? Pressure and complex problems to solve. Now I am free and I can do everything I want.
The possibilities of freedom are endless. Hopefully, you will share your journey with us.
2020-12-12 01:46:14
Yo thanks for sharing this. I was wondering where this situation was going. would love to read more as you unpack how you navigate this. Also share your ideas with us please.
2020-12-12 16:03:05
Very poetic to begin your walk towards freedom in the city of rain.
2020-12-24 19:33:17