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Amazon Prime Video
and many other Platforms have one thing in common:
. I remember a statistic about YouTube that stated that 500 hours of Content are uploaded every minute. That's 500 days of new stuff to watch every day.

Sure, I don't think there is the same amount of Content added to streaming platforms without "user-generated" Content, but that means you can't watch everything on YouTube, not on any other platform in your lifetime.

Of course, there is a bunch of stuff not even worth watching (and I hear
screaming: "WHO HAS TIME FOR FICTION?"), but there are many shows or
worth watching. Still, I find myself somewhat regularly looking at all those things to watch and can't decide what to watch. Also, everything is fed to the algorithms, so the more you watch, the more recommendations you get.

What I find interesting is how is it possible that people still write best selling
or come up with new movie ideas? Also, the output of YouTube tutorials seems to be never-ending or the Courses over at
. I wonder if there is some research on why there is never enough Content and if we will reach a point where we will have enough?

As long there is creativity, there will be new Content. We will never view everything. There will be bestselling novels that will never be sold, as nobody discovered them.
Content Overflow
In Tony Robbins' new book, he states every day, eighty-two years' worth of new video is uploaded to YouTube. Before I made that statement famous, I should have added the qualifier for reading fiction. Plenty of time for The Mandalorian and other high-quality visual content.
2022-02-21 16:18:07
Haha these days while Brandon pretends not to read fiction and i pretend not to go on 
, I actually will claim that I've become mostly bored with a lot of the video content. There are some that stand out but mostly i kind of just use video content as a thing to put on when i want to just kill time. Might eat some snacks or just fuck around on a 
group chat
and have some laughs.

When I'm being deliberate about my time I almost always enjoy and get more out of reading WHO HAS TIME FOR FICTION?! than video.

So that makes me actually think. WHO HAS TIME TO WATCH FICTION?! 

Judging by how many 
 and other streaming services subscriptions there are, MANY!
2022-02-21 22:37:32
I suppose one day I'll have to write a treatise to explain my preferences. I will tell you I was forced to read a lot of fiction in high school and college that was a complete waste of my time. So there's that.
2022-02-22 03:08:22
I also think that WHO HAS TIME FOR FICTION?! has a much better ring to it than qualifying the 'reading' part.
2022-02-22 15:52:08