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It happened quick. He never saw it coming. Never saw it happen even. In the movies you got to see how people mourned you. How your  death brought people together even for just a weekend.

But in real life you just died. Went into the darkness. No way to see or...

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He swallowed the  zinc pill with the water, gulped, and hoped he had enough in his belly. He had definitely eaten enough for breakfast, but it had been some time since then. Maybe he ought to have waited until he had lunch. Yes that would have been the safer move,...

Chuck: WFH

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Chuck woke up that day and checked his computer. He saw a friend from back home post "Your network is your networth". Lazily he checked the various apps, like leafing through a magazine, he appeared in 20 searches that week, and he was getting noticed. He laughed at the thought....

13 Reasons Why

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So, two episodes ago, I started watching 13 Reasons Why ("Tote Mädchen Lügen Nicht" - "Dead Girls don't lie"). It has been on my watchlist since it came out. I remember it releasing an enormous “scream” in public.

But I came back to it a different way. Recently I started binging...

Bred to suffer (or about a puppy/dog)

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Years back I saw Cats & Dogs on VHS . Ever since I have been obsessed with dogs and in a hate relationship with cats . I can remember myself wanting a puppy but ever never got one. I did get a greek tortoise when I was in elementary school...

Content Overflow

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Netflix , Amazon Prime Video , Disney+ , Youtube , twitch and many other Platforms have one thing in common: Content . I remember a statistic about YouTube that stated that 500 hours of Content are uploaded every minute. That's 500 days of new stuff to watch every day.

Sure, I...

Vatsim (Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020)

Youtube FlightSim youtuber twitch vatsim
Recently I found back to Microsofts  FlightSim 2020. A youtuber and twitch streamer I discovered through the algorithm, a german pilot, sparked my interest again.

You can find him here ( Youtube ) and here ( Twitch ).

So I thought to myself, let's mount my FlyHoneycomb Gear again and make a...

Flash Fiction Practice
Selling Plasma

blood money Youtube USA Jeff Bezos plasma
A lot of the people I listen to at the shelter sell plasma . For a good portion of them the cash they make from plasma is their only source of income. I'll see them invite others to come with them, because as Todd told me, "they get bonuses for...

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Before the commitment

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For me the worst part about the internet is the best feature: infinite access to information.

By this point in my life I've figured out and accepted that the best type of day is not the kind that starts with consuming. It doesn't matter how good the podcast is or how...

Flash Fiction Practice
Fist as weapon - III

I once had a buddy who got knocked out in one punch. He had been standing on the corner listening to something on his wireless headphones with his hands in his pockets when a youngster came around and threw a fist into his mouth.

This buddy was not a fragile character....

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Who to impress

Even if we don't think we are, most of us live lives trying to impress virtual imaginations of how famous people would think about us.

How much time have we spent trying to mold ourselves into someone who would impress some famous designer? Or a CEO we admire? We watch...

Flash Fiction Practice
How Peter Thiel met John Cena

John Cena Peter Thiel Youtube Palintir F.U WWE
John Cena hadn't always worked for Palintir . Before going around saving rare species of butterflies by breaking people's thumbs for Peter Thiel , he had once been a wrestler... the 'fake' kind of wrestling that is.

His finishing move was called the F.U as a phonetic acronym for "fuck you",...

Flash Fiction Practice
On the 27th floor

Whole Foods Peter Thiel Youtube Naked
On the 27th floor I saw a butterfly on the other side of my glass wall. I wondered how it could've ever gotten so high. I thought of a story of a window cleaner who was also a butterfly collector who had brought it with them up to work. And...
100% day
This is awesome, Keni. 

I also wished to do something similar to this. I once sent you a 
video about 
Sam Ovens
sharing his 
War Calendar
in which he first lists out his larger goals for the year... and then he reverse engineers the tasks for the days in which he would need to fulfill to achieve the larger goals.

I think your approach would be more helpful for me because I have less clarity on concrete larger goals for the annual duration. And your approach feels more conducive to exploring what we are becoming curious to rather than top-down defining our goals and trying to force our daily-selves to produce accordingly.

I think I already know the answer to this, but are you willing to share this spreadsheet? Or at least a segment of it? lol. You could even censor out some of the items when you share so I don't know what they are.
Abraham Kim
More than decent
I honestly can't claim any horizon projects because I'm not working on anything at the moment that I have outcome based expectations for yet.

I do have general expectations for continuing to develop the world of 
and the characters within it... which I'm doing in the "I found the diaries of Greco" series, but even with that I see it more as practice than a thing I'm horizoning.

Let me know if I'm thinking of horizon projects different than you. I'm interpreting it as the biggest, active project that you are planning to complete.


Similarly to the saving hte best part for later fallacy that writers make, I think you should just write it through. Write it through because then the real part begins. Finding what's wrong with it and why it sucks.

Most writers seem to do a better job with fixing bad writing then creating bad writing. Most writers refuse to write bad stuff so they sit with their phone in their hands staring at
or motiviational
videos instead.

Trust me, your story's going to suck really bad. No matter how great you think it is in your head. So get it out and then let's make it good.

I touch on this in 
Rewriting is easier than writing Yours Truly

Also recommend the article that's mentioned in that post. In fact just read that.
Abraham Kim

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Used to fear open source packages

Youtube choose your own adventure Inkle open source programming Hacker News Github freewriting
I spent the summer of 2016 desperately trying to write a novel. Most days I didn't manage more than a paragraph. I' spend most of my laptop time distracted on either reading about successful tech people or watching random things on Youtube . One day I came across a choose...