Show up here to put in your reps.

Who are you writing for? If you're writing for yourself, you can do it in a local document that guarantees it won't be shared or stumbled upon publicly. If you are dipping your toe into public writing, maybe a place like will work for you as you gain confidence. You've got a few thoughts and  you don't mind sharing them among a group of people who reciprocate. Maybe you're here to de-sensitize yourself to a more public promotion of your work.

Are you writing here because you don't want to spend time doing research? Why don't you have your own blog? Why not maintain your own web presence? There are lots of options. There are free options that you could enjoy for free for a long time - and there are free options that may disappear. A public place like Medium might be good to gain exposure - but the tradeoff will be a user experience that declines once they host tries to find their financial footing.

Maybe you don't need to get better at writing - you just need to get paid for it. In that case, time spent here is probably not time well spent. You could make $50 / hour for your writing and instead of getting the cash and putting it into your retirement fund, you spend it here. But practice is also a great investment of time. If you're here to practice - keep showing up and putting the reps.

The choices we make include more than just the who we're writing for - it includes the opportunity cost and time value of money. When we're typing words in here, we're not doing everything else - including exercise, socializing and business building. That's the opportunity cost. The time value of money will wait for another day.
Lol I feel like Adagia isn't supposed to be a public place to write. I see it more as a writing space for just us. The few people that are here. That's why there's no registration.

Have you ever kept a personal blog for a while?
has a huge archive on his and still writes on it.

2021-02-10 15:06:13
"When we're typing words in here, we're not doing everything else - including exercise..." Thank Jebus!
2021-02-10 17:57:18
Abe, I just noticed there really isn't any registration. So is this invite only now? I kinda like that. #elitists
2021-02-11 09:09:32
it is. It's because I noticed at the end of 200WAD Baz was spending a lot of time fighting spam.

Also if it becomes open then people treat it more like a site like Medium -> aka a content aggregator and then they write differently. They write for readers rather htan for other writers.

2021-02-11 15:23:14
Ooh.. now that I know we're writing for each other -- I'll have to step up my game a bit.
2021-02-11 16:56:32
I was once in a writing club with 
 and this site feels like the social media version of that. I like knowing that other people will see what I write and potentially comment. I like to imagine I am writing for anyone else in this weird corner of the internet who will read it. I'm kind of just glad to be here
2021-02-11 20:03:48
your description tattooed a smile into my heart. These are the type of things that make working on projects like this really great. Thanks for your thoughtfulness. And I know knowing your personality and how you're going to take this. With a smile but silence -> no reply. And that's okay. haha

2021-02-11 23:11:57
I like to think I'm writing for myself but also liking that other people can read and comment.  Seriously though, I'm actually thinking it's better to act as if we're writing for nobody at all, like it's a personal journal. This way we might get to really honest, raw, writing.
I shouldn't talk, because I'm not really doing it, but still thinking it. 
2021-02-12 00:47:07