Peter Thiel
So what?
I know this post isn't about this but for some reason it kept causing me to think about a 
Peter Thiel

What important truth do very few people agree with you on? 
Abraham Kim
Too tired
I love how our subjective experience is nothing but the interaction between our wetware, other wet organs, and the chemical stew it sits within.

I imagine someone like 
Peter Thiel
just importing the gut, blood, and other organs --besides brain-- of healthy young high achieving athletes and getting his insides fully retransplanted every other week so that he can stew always within freshness.

"No coffee needed here. See, Daniel. What I like to do is not rely on my brain to produce the chemicals it needs. Instead I like to just inject my brain into a stew of chemicals." Peter Thiel himself.
Abraham Kim

Flash Fiction Practice
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Peter Thiel Jeff Bezos
I heard that the tech park had been funded by some evil man.

Who told you that? 

Somebody. Everybody knows that. Didn't you hear?

Yeah. But I was just wondering.


If. You know? It's true.

Do you think so?

I don't know. Do you really think Joe Peterson--

My friend looked around before quietly continuing. 


Flash Fiction Practice
How Peter Thiel met John Cena

John Cena Peter Thiel Youtube Palintir F.U WWE
John Cena hadn't always worked for Palintir . Before going around saving rare species of butterflies by breaking people's thumbs for Peter Thiel , he had once been a wrestler... the 'fake' kind of wrestling that is.

His finishing move was called the F.U as a phonetic acronym for "fuck you",...

Flash Fiction Practice
John Cena and Peter Thiel rent a car

Westcity John Cena Peter Thiel New York Dodge Ram BMW Hertz Enterprise Zillow
The Dodge Ram didn't drive as smooth as the BMW . That's the sort of things you needed to do when you weren't in a big city like SF where you were surrounded by luxury cars everywhere so a sleek ride didn't attract any eyeballs.

They were out in Westcity ,...

Flash Fiction Practice
A game as reply to The Thiel conspiracy

Abraham Kim
Peter Thiel John Cena iMac
Although making the right chess move gave him more satisfaction, pondering his next life move touched him in a different way He also liked the fact that he could ponder with his hands bunched together on his lap rather than having to hover his hand over the chessboard. Plus wasn't...

Flash Fiction Practice
On the 27th floor

Whole Foods Peter Thiel Youtube Naked
On the 27th floor I saw a butterfly on the other side of my glass wall. I wondered how it could've ever gotten so high. I thought of a story of a window cleaner who was also a butterfly collector who had brought it with them up to work. And...
The Oscars
lmao only if this argument worked. To that end, you could argue that we'd all be much happier people if we expected all things to be awful -

But I believe that you need to actually believe your expectations. If one falsefully downgrades their expectations (defaltes) just so they can be pleasantly surprised later then they actually don't have that expectation.

There's a quote from 
Peter Thiel
that I can't find right now that roughly says that 
burning witches
was done by people in the past who were more superstitious than contemporary folk -- slightly -- and they were willing to burn witches because they actually thought that would alleviate a lot of their problems. Things like plague and whatnot I believe. 

Thiel jokes that this witch burning only worked because the people believed it did. The feeling of agency and the
belief that things were improving after these burnings would be rendered moot if they were to not actually believe that they were working.
Abraham Kim