John Cena and Peter Thiel rent a car

Dodge Ram
didn't drive as smooth as the
. That's the sort of things you needed to do when you weren't in a big city like SF where you were surrounded by luxury cars everywhere so a sleek ride didn't attract any eyeballs.

They were out in
, some sleepy town in the middle of flyover country. When 
John Cena
had researched the town he thought that the best cars for fitting in would either be a large truck or a large SUV. It'd been awhile since he'd drove a pickup so he decided to go for the bigger option. When 
Peter Thiel
saw the truck roll up to them at the car rental he had given a sly smile.

"Big Truck eh? That's why we couldn't use

John Cena had smiled without saying anything, all giddy inside at the prospect of driving around in the giant lifted truck. In flyover country you could rent a lifted pickup truck. You couldn't get that in
New York
that was for sure. But even in corn city you had to go with a local outlet. The Hertz and
here didn't offer pickups. Valade Auto Rentals was what it was called. 

The man working there had been of middle aged and wore dirty overalls. He'd looked at the two of them funny but hadn't said anything. What a sight it must've been for him. An overly muscular man with a crew cut and a masterlock connected to a chainlink necklace and a very well dressed gay billionaire. 

The man probably had no clue that Peter Thiel was Peter Thiel. To him he was probably just some other city slicker. But then again maybe not. What city slicker rented a car from a place called Valade Auto Rentals? 

The truck drove well on the dirt roads they were traveling. On the radio they had decided on bad country after giving the bad rap station a try. Peter Thiel was leaning against the passenger window, thinking. 

John Cena already had a sense of what would happen when they arrived at the ranch house that supposedly got bought for 240K 1.5 years ago, according to 
. Yes. John Cena was ready. He didn't like to do this part of his job, but then again in a way. He did. 

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