Stupid Games
This predates even the 

but seeing as how the bible is quite old let's just use that as an example.

the bible is basically preaching that all games except for the way of 
is a stupid game. 

like the money game lol

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The Wolf's philosophy as reply to Uncertain about her role

Abraham Kim
The Wolf God ego real estate moguls devil sacrifice utopia
Caricatures of  real estate   moguls liked to shout "location! location!! location!!!" while shaking people's hands and jumping on stage and dancing poorly.

The Wolf didn't spend his days thinking about location. That wasn't his job. He was about reducing surface area. Reducing exposure.

How many people in the world knew who...

Bred to suffer (or about a puppy/dog)

dogs Youtube God VHS cats puppy genetic CRISP/CAS9
Years back I saw Cats & Dogs on VHS . Ever since I have been obsessed with dogs and in a hate relationship with cats . I can remember myself wanting a puppy but ever never got one. I did get a greek tortoise when I was in elementary school...
Drew you probably are thinking about your dad cause you miss him! Anyways, yes it's nice to have that initial peace before the start of the day.

I know that's why I like to exercise first. And when I'm doing it then I like to meditate first. Only then do I do things like writing or programming or talking to people. SOMETIMES I'll do chores in the morning... that slow flow of doing chores is also decently tied to peace.

I find our headspace upon waking to be the most close to -- I don't believe in 
but I beliveve in something that if I described would basically resemble God -- God. 

Our headspace rears more towards people throughout the day. 
Abraham Kim