Dumb Phone

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In effort to promote more deep work , I've started making my phone harder to use, and in a sense make it dumber. I recently stumbled across some actual products offering dumb or simple phones, but just setting up my phone to make it harder to get it seems good...

PO Box 915
The Wolf as reply to The hawk

Abraham Kim
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The third floor. Of a non-descript building.

The windows made of reflective glass. When the world dares peer inside, it sees only itself.

The glass is  bulletproof as well. After  location , this attribute was the primary concern of  The Wolf .

From the beginning, The Wolf accepted  assassination as a...

PO Box 915
ruffled as reply to Morning

Abraham Kim
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He already felt it. He didn't want it to be true, but it still excited him. He couldn't focus on his work. He couldn't focus because he felt it was true.

After the mysterious lady left he had tried buckling down on his laptop and get back to answering emails and...


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The  deadline for the paper was  Friday two weeks ago.

This was the longest time I had gone past a deadline... initially I didn't even know it was possible. I remember Thursday night.... sitting in the library so late. Just when it was neither night or early morning. That's when they...

Flash Fiction Practice
An offer impossible to refuse

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They offered a deal she couldn't refuse. And this was precisely why she died so unhappy.

But you couldn't blame her... seeing as it was indeed an offer impossible to refuse. So in fact her fate was sealed... the moment the offer was given.

I remember not knowing what to say...

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The email arrived as a surprise.

For the sender had been dead for a year now.

Had they been dead for much longer, it wouldn't have invoked the same fear. He couldn't explain why this was.

But the fact that his friend had only been dead one year... not even that... made him...

Shark Swim

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IV This would be a boring story if it were just of me running a software consultancy and hanging out with my startup founder friend for  coffee here and there. That is not what this story is about. Today I'm no longer involved with that old devshop. My partner and...

January 7th - Why sleep when you can drive?

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After the  accident ( my paramedic night shift continued to be hellish and without much sleep. A few minutes after we finished cleaning the car I moved into one of the sleeping rooms and sent out a few  email s ( and wrote the linked article.

It wasn't long until we...

Flash Fiction Practice
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email is a great method of communication. You send off your message and you kind of forget about it. No waiting around to see if the other person checks it and replies right away. You just go about your day.

At least that's how I use it. Maybe you do sit...

Flash Fiction Practice
Visitor I

I had a friend difficult to reach. No social media. A phone he never answered.

I didn't know his real name so I couldn't look up his address. My sole string to him was email .

Wouldn't go as far as to say he liked email, but he used it. Never remember...