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Three minutes without oxygen and you're dead. Fly too close to that time and your brain's toast.

Three days without water and you're done. I always wondered why  Walter White and  Jesse Pinkman didn't just dehydrate their first murder to death?

Most people can go about 2 months without food.

After that everything...

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Breaking Bad Walter White
I remember my first time watching  Breaking Bad feeling more world like. The arcs that the character went through felt like phases more than just something that happened as part of a plot over a few episodes. 

This time around I can see things develop and I'm astonished how quickly...

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Breaking Bad Tuco Salamanca Walter White
Sometimes when watching a show like Breaking Bad I wonder why don't these bad guys just let Walter be. As a viewer I find it obvious that the protagonists are exceptions to the rule and that somehow they're going to disrupt the normal environment. Given this I'd think the best...