Daniel Miller @dealingwith


Daniel Miller last shared their writing I'm seeing a tunnel at the end of all of these lights
Things are going shit
Getting it from all the sides
Everything falling down

my inside is outside
my right side's on the left side
listening to my

travis records on
youtube music so not really
records like I said

we don't care about art
there's no time to think about it
only time to react to

all the shit. ha ha.
"teh" was...
Daniel's Pantry
🍍 18 Pineapples
🍵 12 Teas
🍫 9 Chocolate Bars
🍓 11 Strawberries
🧇 9 Waffles
🥟 14 Dumplings
🥚 9 Eggs
🍣 11 Sushis
🥃 8 Whiskeys
🍪 12 Cookies
🥓 9 Bacons
🥩 9 Steaks
🍊 9 Tangerines
🍺 7 Beers
☕️ 2 Coffees

I'm fascinated by the different kind of messaging that resonates with people. I can feel that this kind of positive messaging is what you thrive off of. Same with  dealingwith  ...


> You become deaf to it, accept it.

Is it impossible to appreciate something without it always being in your palapable, deliberate attention?

This made me think of dealingwith for some...