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I came across a sales tip a few minutes ago. I think it is a big one. 

Sell the problem - Not the solution

I remember investing a lot of time in the features of my products. Creating a lot of visuals for the solution. I barely spent any time talking...
Keni's Pantry
☕️ 20 Coffees
🍪 14 Cookies
🥟 12 Dumplings
🍵 19 Teas
🍫 16 Chocolate Bars
🍓 12 Strawberries
🍣 11 Sushis
🍊 13 Tangerines
🧇 8 Waffles
🥩 15 Steaks
🍍 15 Pineapples
🥚 15 Eggs
🥓 11 Bacons
🍺 9 Beers
🥃 10 Whiskeys
Non Fiction Books
1. I discovered that I want to work on something that has an impact. COVID has made the idea of death very real. No point living a useless life doing things that have no meaning. 

2. I realized that I was wasting a lot of money with things I didn't need. Now my monthly spending is mostly for core needs. Again COVID had a big hand in that. 
That a streak is powerful and that writing gets better with deliberate practice.