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Today I needed to write a private post. 
There are things that happen once in a while that needs a post of its own but it doesn't need to be public. 

Venting can help even if no one is listening. 
Today was one of those days. 

My disappointment and distrust of corporate America has...
2021-01-15 19:20:15


Someone asked this question in a FB group that I follow.

What is a rare combination of two skills that when combined make someone unstoppable?

I love the question but I found it hard to answer. It took me a long time but eventually, it came down to these four skills:

2021-01-13 20:32:30

Shark Tank

I am watching back to back episodes of shark tank the last few days. 
It is a nice show to get ideas and to learn how to do things in business. 

I wonder if I have the ability to stay calm and deliver a pitch if I had a product where I...
2021-01-13 02:37:02


I must have written about 5 posts on bitcoin between 200words and here. 
I shared when I first decided to get in. I shared how I felt when the market stalled. And I shared when the price of bitcoin doubled in 22 days. I think it is fair to say that...
2021-01-12 01:52:20

Re: Re: Friendship as reply to Highschool as fail-safe zone


Continuing the posts by Seun and Sir Abe on friendships...
I too had the best friends when I was at the university in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. That was the first time in my young life that I found a group of people that I connected with. 

Since I didn't grow up in...
2021-01-10 21:13:53

AI for learning

I spent significant time this first ten days of Jan 2021 trying to learn more about decision making. I am currently reading a couple of books, reading online articles and watching videos. I am not certain that this is the best way to learn something. 

So far, I have encountered several...
2021-01-10 00:12:27


And this is Mustafa.
Hello, Mustafa said to me. 

It was my first day of my first job right out of college. And someone was taking me around and introducing me to the folks in the department. Mustafa happened to sit in the cube next to me. 

I heard a slight accent and...
2021-01-08 05:02:11


Many years ago around 2008, someone I knew asked me to invest in the stock market. Seeing how every single thing was plummeting tot he ground, I thought the idea was insane. NPR was talking about in 25 days, wall street could reach 0 if it keeps falling the way...
2021-01-08 00:56:31

Corruption & Power

The last few months my interest in topics like corruption, power, bias and leadership has increased very sharply. I have come to understand that my view was too simplistic. There are few things in life that are that simple. 

In 2020, I came in contact with many instances of abuse of...
2021-01-07 01:02:34