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When the partially complete West Gate Bridge collapsed in October 1970, thirty-five people were killed when one of the box-girder spans collapsed while the bridge was under construction.

The West Gate Bridge workers were a highly unionised workforce. Safety concerns over the construction method of the bridge, and disputes over workers'...
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Solomon Islands

During the current election campaign, Australia's Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, presented national security and regional uncertainty as one of his electoral trump cards. In particular, he called for an independent inquiry into the origins of COVID-19 and for using the world stage to call out China's economic coercion. And now,...
2022-04-20 11:23:54

Vote Compass

With a federal election looming, the Vote Compass has resurfaced to help voters explore how their views align with the election candidates. It is a civic engagement application developed by a team of social and data scientists, and its objective is to promote electoral literacy and public participation during election...
2022-04-19 10:22:59

Travel plans

Now that Easter is over, my wife was keen to schedule more holidays for the rest of the year. It has been a miserable cold and wet today, and we are heading into the winter months, so some time away in warmer climates is required.

We have an airline credit from...
2022-04-18 10:12:37


More walking has become a regular part of my exercise recently. As I haven’t been able to run as far due to injury, I have made sure that walking ah become a part of my daily routine. I now have a regular walk over lunchtime at work, and I make...
2022-04-17 06:26:09

Aussie Rules
Another loss

Being in a location during Easter with no internet means that I can’t stream my football. I have all this time to watch my favourite team, with no capacity to do so. So, it’s off to the pub to watch the game when it commences later today.

Without a doubt,...
2022-04-16 09:06:27

Aussie Rules
Good Friday football

Over the years, Good Friday has been a no-go zone for Australian rules football. Teams would play in the evening of Easter Thursday, Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday and even the Monday of Easter, but there was never a game played on Good Friday. As a Christian country, it has been...
2022-04-15 06:32:18

Zoom Zoom
That sinking feeling

When the Felicity Ace cargo ship sank off the coast of Portugal in February, it was carrying thousands of cars. A fire had broken out, and the crew were soon evacuated, leaving the 2,500 prestige cars on board to sink to the bottom of the ocean with the ship.

The majority...
2022-04-14 02:39:16

Book club

Tonight, my wife is hosting her book club at our house. There are about ten participants in the book club, and they each get to choose a book for the year that everyone else needs to read before it is discussed.

Book clubs are all about exploring new books as a...
2022-04-13 12:23:59

Aussie Rules
AFL CEO to step down

Australian Football League (AFL) chief executive Gillon McLachlan has announced he is stepping down as league boss. McLachlan has been in the top job for eight years after taking over in 2014, and he will step down at the end of the 2022 season.

Gillon McLachlan will be remembered for two...
2022-04-12 10:49:55

Zoom Zoom
Track advice

There is no shortage of advice when it comes to modifying my track MX-5. Likewise, plenty of fellow members will provide guidance on the best thing to do to make your car go faster on the track. Some suggest I update the suspension with some new coilovers and suspension bushes....
2022-04-11 11:17:49