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Many modern cars now come with a space-saver spare wheel, which is smaller than the regular wheel. The main reason for this is that the space-saver spare takes up less space, obviously, and is lighter than a standard wheel and tire.

Some vehicles don't even come with a space-saver spare. My...
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I stuffed up

It's not good when the utility company wants to turn off your electricity in the middle of winter to do some routine maintenance. It gets even worse when you don't tell your wife that it will happen, and she is working from home, just about to start a critical online...
2021-07-24 10:45:12


It is not rocket science, but how many work meetings end up going off the rails. You know the meetings, I mean. Everyone has the right intention to get something done, but you come away from the meeting frustrated, wondering what was achieved.
Everyone has tips and tricks on...
2021-07-23 13:04:00

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Death of the GTHO

In the early 1970s, touring car racing was at its zenith, when the race on Sunday, sell on Monday mantra was true. To race a car, car manufacturers would have to sell a minimum number of vehicles to the public for that vehicle to be eligible to race.

Local car manufacturers...
2021-07-22 10:27:09

Compounding earnings

When my wife and I sit down to look at our wealth generation plan for retirement, she doesn't quite understand how we will reach our target by the time we want to retire. With the current savings scenario, we are projecting to have about three times the savings we currently...
2021-07-21 11:22:22

You can't lie

When my two daughters were young, my wife and I wanted them to grow up to be honest and trustworthy. So, it was something that we instilled into them from a young age.
When they were young, if I bought them a sweet treat when we went to the...
2021-07-20 09:20:50


Today is the 200th day of the year. No, I don't make a habit of tracking the days of the year, but today correspondences with my 200th consecutive day of writing on Adagia. Day one was New Years Day, and I have written every day since.

I have now reached 200...
2021-07-19 10:55:17

The morning lark

I am far from being a night owl, as once I get to 9.30 pm, the eyes get heavy, and I am ready for sleep. Of course, it does not help that I am usually awake at 5.00 am, up and out of bed by 5.30 am. So rather than...
2021-07-18 10:46:17

Aussie Rules

The ball spilled out from the centre bounce, with Richmond player Dustin Martin chasing after it and ready to advance the ball forward to the Richmond goal. Charging in from the wing was Brisbane Lions player Mitch Robinson. Known as a hard-headed player, Mitch was on a collision course with...
2021-07-17 09:30:16

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Bob Hall

American motoring journalist Bob Hall is credited with dreaming up the original MX-5 concept, a compact, lightweight, affordable sports car that hit the road in May 1989. He joined the design department of Mazda North America in 1981 and developed a sketch of an affordable, lightweight sports car in 1982....
2021-07-16 04:55:12

Aussie Rules
Mid-season Marlion

When the Australian Football League (AFL) re-introduced the mid-season draft in 2019, it gave hope to a long list of players who missed out on the end of the year draft in the previous year.

The mid-season draft was re-introduced to allow clubs to top-up for players on the long term...
2021-07-15 12:31:45