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Peter's Pantry
🍡 3 Teas
πŸ§‡ 10 Waffles
πŸ₯Ÿ 8 Dumplings
🍣 3 Sushis
β˜•οΈ 6 Coffees
πŸͺ 2 Cookies
πŸ“ 4 Strawberries
πŸ₯ƒ 4 Whiskeys
🍫 6 Chocolate Bars
🍍 5 Pineapples
πŸ₯© 3 Steaks
🍺 3 Beers
🍊 3 Tangerines
πŸ₯“ 2 Bacons
πŸ₯š 1 Egg

Judge Brandon

For some reason I thought you were into cooking. I remember you commenting that you would rather cook than clean onΒ  You cook, I'll wash up Peter Dannock Β 


I'm glad SUDS has been effect tool for you  peterdannock  and that the rating has been low lately! 100% agree with your point on measurement being an important tool for...


I agree  peterdannock  I have noticed with students I teach, that resilience  is lacking, and because of it its so hard for them, and their work suffers. Any minor problem...