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When the partially complete West Gate Bridge collapsed in October 1970, thirty-five people were killed when one of the box-girder spans collapsed while the bridge was under construction.

The West Gate Bridge workers were a highly unionised workforce. Safety concerns over the construction method of the bridge, and disputes over workers'...
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Thunderbirds Are Go

5....4....3....2....1, Thunderbirds Are Go
Thunderbirds was a British science-fiction television series created in the mid-1960s by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. The novel part of this show is that the characters are Supermarionation puppets. Often if you looked closely, you could see the strings.
The Thunderbirds follows the exploits...
2022-03-31 10:24:05

Be done with it

I have been doing some speed writing tonight. I had a busy day at work, and my wife and I went out to a comedy show this evening. So, I am using the time on the drive home to get my writing done before the midnight deadline.
My laptop...
2022-03-30 12:29:27

Zoom Zoom

The Ford F-150 is returning to Australia in mid-2023, after a 16-year absence. The United States best selling vehicles will be remanufactured to convert them to right-hand drive in Melbourne. 

Demand for US pick-ups in Australia, such as the Dodge Ram and Chevrolet Silverado, has tripled over the previous four...
2022-03-29 10:59:05


It has been three weeks since we brought our new puppy home. Though we have had Louie for two years, getting used to a puppy again is another challenge altogether. However, only ten weeks old, Otis is already settling into his new surroundings well.

I would rather that Otis didn't try...
2022-03-28 10:23:18

Big brother

When I was growing up, I enjoyed being one of five siblings in the family. I always had someone to fight with, three brothers and one sister, even though it was never too serious. As the youngest siblings in the family, my twin brother and I were born ten minutes...
2022-03-27 10:02:35

Great Western

Great Western is a town in the Wimmera region of Victoria, located 225 kilometres northwest of Melbourne. The town has a population of 650. The first European settlers in the Great Western area were sheep graziers in the 1840s, and further settlement began with the discovery of gold during the...
2022-03-26 03:17:40

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The MX -5 is a better car

The Honda S2000 is an open-top sports car manufactured by  Honda from 1999 to 2009. It was an incredible feat of engineering. The 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine revved to 9000 rpm and was mated to probably the best gearbox ever installed on a production car. It put a smile on many...
2022-03-25 11:09:17

Write now, publish later

The next few days being busy will put a bit of pressure on me to get my writing done. So I will need to plan and put some words in the can, ready to be posted when needed. It begs the question. If I write something today and keep it...
2022-03-24 09:54:12

Zoom Zoom

Nostalgia is another reason why the early Mazda MX-5s hold their value. Since I sold my white 1991 NA model in 2013, I have had a hankering to get another NA back in the garage. If you wonder why I sold the NA, it was sold to make room for...
2022-03-23 10:12:59

Superannuation for all

In 1992, the Keating Labor Government introduced the compulsory employer contribution scheme, a reform package designed to address the aging population and the anticipated increase in pension payments that would fall on future governments.

This compulsory employer contribution scheme is known as "Superannuation Guarantee", and the current rate for contributions is...
2022-03-22 08:18:30