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Empathy, the ability to understand and share the feelings of another, is not a weakness. On the contrary, it can demonstrate that you care for others, that you listen to others, and that you are aware of the emotions and motives of others.
Empathy in the workplace can be...
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My dog can tell the time

I am convinced that my dog can tell the time. Whether it is him waking at 5.30 am to go out for a wiz, or it's 6.00 pm, and he is begging to be fed, you could set the time on your watch every time he starts pestering to eat...
2021-08-28 11:21:03

New music

When is new music, new music? I guess it is when I hear it for the first time, not necessarily when it is released. My music tastes are a bit stuck in the past. I love the songs I grew up with from the 60s and 70s. So it is...
2021-08-27 12:10:35


Esports is a form of sporting competition using video games. It has grown into a colossal spectator sport viewed by over 500 million people worldwide, where competitors can earn millions of dollars. Often seen as a child's video game, it is now vying to be recognised along with conventional sports...
2021-08-26 11:00:23

Cancel Darwin

We knew we were taking a risk when my wife I decided to book a holiday to Darwin in early September. We were looking forward to the warmer climate and a trip to the biodiverse nature reserve that is the Kakadu National Park. Visitors to the Northern Territory will not...
2021-08-25 11:44:07

Zoom Zoom

The Zoom Zoom club has a strong membership of over 900 members in Victoria and Tasmania. But like many sporting clubs, only a tiny percentage of the members step up and organise events and activities.

I recall a recent interaction with a member who bent my ears on how the club...
2021-08-24 11:04:17


I have been receiving my fair share of dodgy text messages over the last few weeks. Most of them are poorly written and invite me to retrieve a voicemail message. I quickly recognise them as a threat and delete them from my phone.

There has been an increase in scams and...
2021-08-23 12:14:22

Zoom Zoom
24 Hours of Le Mans

As I sit down to write today, I am being distracted by 24 hours of Le Mans, an endurance-focused sports car race held annually near the town of Le Mans, France. It is the world's oldest active endurance racing event, and the race is won by the car that covers...
2021-08-22 10:09:01

Aussie Rules
Farewell to Clarko

In one of the last games for the Australian Football League (AFL) season today, it looked like the Hawthorn Hawks would defeat the Richmond Tigers. With only five minutes to play, the Hawks were up by five goals, and the Tigers looked like they were ready for the off-season.

For the...
2021-08-21 09:50:49

Zoom Zoom
A century for Mazda

I have owned more Mazda motor vehicles than any other brand over the past forty years, and I can easily say it is my favourite marque of car. On 30th January 2020, Mazda Motor Corporation turned 100. Mazda has always designed great vehicles to drive, from their three-wheeler cars to...
2021-08-20 10:17:04

Aussie Rules
Child's Play

David Parkin spent almost forty years either playing or coaching Australian Rules Football. He was the captain of Hawthorn's 1971 premiership team and a four-time Premiership coach, achievements that have cemented his induction into the Australian Football League Hall of Fame.

As a coach, he was meticulously prepared with a detailed...
2021-08-19 11:59:37