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To be “lost in the weeds” is to be so caught up in minor detail as to completely miss the point.
Imagine two people getting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum.
One person spends this opportunity scanning the painting while admiring da Vinci’s creation;...
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There’s no such thing as perfect decision making — there are just the decisions we make with the best knowledge and judgment we have available to us at the time. 

If you’re spending what feels like too much time deliberating about what to do, it’s because you’re trying to...
2022-05-10 04:17:09

have fun

In his 2008 TedX Talk, Dr. Stuart Brown astutely pointed out that The New York Times Magazine’s cover story from earlier that year, titled ‘Why Do We Play?’, portrayed several kids engaging in different types of play. Conspicuously missing from the cover were adults.

Being playful and being an adult...
2022-05-09 04:24:38

you can always choose to add kindness

You may not be able to control what others do, but you can always choose to add kindness to the world instead of hate. 

You can choose compassion instead of disdain — remembering that everyone is fighting their own battles. 

You can choose constructive words instead of callous...
2022-05-08 03:40:01

important reminders for rough days

The definition of your best effort can fluctuate on a daily basis. 

Some days you will accomplish everything (or almost everything) you set out to do. 

On other days, you might find yourself struggling for any number of reasons. 

In both cases you are doing what you...
2022-05-06 23:49:01

jumping at shadows

Every Scary Thing you avoid doing is guaranteed to stay scary. 

Every Scary Thing you choose to go through, for the most part, simultaneously becomes more rewarding and less scary. 

When you struggle, you learn; when you learn, you adapt. 

All of this is possible provided that...
2022-05-06 05:49:25

let it go

A couple of years ago, I was complaining to a family member about a frustrating situation that I couldn’t get over. 

About halfway through my complaining, this family member played “Let It Go” from the Disney film Frozen and we both burst into laughter.

All jokes aside, the exchange...
2022-05-04 05:11:09

your second life

About a year ago I came across this quote from the Chinese Philosopher, Confucious, that sent chills down my spine: “We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.” 

It’s easy enough to utter the words, “I have one life”, and a much...
2022-05-03 04:47:19

not lukewarm

When you decide to work, strive to achieve the kind of intensity that can only be made possible with 100% of your attention and energy.

When you decide to take a break, have the discipline to come to a screeching halt so that you can recover and conserve your energy. ...
2022-05-02 04:18:09

the rise and all of importance

It’s easy to overestimate the importance of a problem when it strikes which is why some problems can feel like the end of the world when you’re faced with them. 

It’s also easy to underestimate how quickly problems stop mattering given enough time, which is why we often don’t...
2022-05-01 00:50:58

you're allowed to make mistakes

Consider for a moment what it would mean to be forbidden to make a mistake. 

Would that actually stop you from making mistakes? No, because you’re human. 

Would the mistake you make be totally in vain? No, because there’s almost certainly a lesson to be learned that will...
2022-04-29 05:15:55