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My piano teacher once shared with me what it was like to watch a former champion of The International Chopin Piano Competition prepare for their performance. 

For 6–8 hours each day in the week leading up to the competition, the competitor would pick apart different sections of music from...
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who are you building for?

Today Canadian-Chinese actor Simu Liu posted ‘Happy April 12th’ on social media. 

April 12th of this year is the 10th anniversary of the day that Liu was laid off from his accounting job at the prestigious consulting firm, Deloitte, which ultimately sent him down another path filled with confusion,...
2022-04-13 04:03:19


The choices we make in life can sometimes feel like a balancing act between what we wish to do and what others expect us to do. 

When these wishes and expectations are in alignment, there’s no issue. 

But when we find ourselves pulling away from who we are...
2022-04-12 04:58:59

context, for better or worse

Have you ever taken a trip, gone to a concert, or participated in something that you don’t usually do, and walked away having a new perspective?

It could be a new perspective about the meaning of life (deep, I know), goals, values, work, relationships — anything. 

Have you also...
2022-04-11 03:55:55

no thanks

To anyone that tries to bring negativity into your life,

To anyone that tries to put you down or shame you for being you, 

To anyone that tries to mind your business in front of you without an invitation, 

Two words: “no thanks.”

Say it, think it —...
2022-04-10 02:48:07

Pay attention to what you pay attention to

Your emotional experience is closely tied to what you focus on.

If 90% of your attention is focused on a mistake you made at work that you feel embarrassed about, guess what? You probably won’t feel great. 

On the other hand, if 90% of your attention is focused on...
2022-04-08 23:30:28

a solution better than willpower

It’s much easier to remove a sugary desert from your pantry than to resist eating it every time you enter your kitchen. 

It’s much easier to delete a social media app than to consciously remind yourself to avoid using it every time you unlock your phone.  

It’s much...
2022-04-08 00:58:28

quality distractions

Cheap Distractions are things we generally know are distractions.

Despite how glued our eyeballs may be to these things at times, there’s very little controversy around how much of an unwanted timesuck things like social media, Netflix, and YouTube can be. 

Then there’s Quality Distractions, the better-dressed sibling of...
2022-04-07 01:29:04

what's a good day?

“How’s your day?”


Good. What’s a good day anyway?

Is it when you finish a project?

Is it when you get a promotion?

Is it when you make a sale?


But is it also not a good day if you’re alive and get to be in the...
2022-04-05 03:57:34

say thank you

Say thank you. 

Even if you can’t see it, it makes a world of difference when people know their efforts are appreciated. 

The net gain in happiness, fulfillment, and humanity from just 2 seconds of effort — if that — is insanely good. 
2022-04-04 03:14:56

the courage to be disliked

The Courage to be Disliked by Fumitake Koga and Ichiro Kishimi is one of the best books… that I’ve yet to read. 

Because the punchline (at least one of them) is in the title. 

When you live to please others, they can run your life. 

Lifetimes have...
2022-04-02 23:37:24