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My piano teacher once shared with me what it was like to watch a former champion of The International Chopin Piano Competition prepare for their performance. 

For 6–8 hours each day in the week leading up to the competition, the competitor would pick apart different sections of music from...
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progress is in the details

One of the things that I admire about many of the Formula 1 team driver’s reactions to this weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix is how specific their comments were with respect to what they needed to work on to perform better. 

Lewis Hamilton identified rear downforce and straight-line speed as...
2022-03-22 04:00:43

productivity per unit of time

David Ulevitch, a general partner at the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, uses a measure called Productivity Per Unit of Time to evaluate the chances of founders building an iconic company.

Productivity Per Unit of Time represents a combination of a few critical factors including, in the words of Ulevitch,...
2022-03-21 04:28:48

setting intent

Most of the time, my schedule is dictated by a list of activities that I think will have the most impact on my priorities. 

Something that I recently added to the list is a note on what my intent will be for each activity. 

For example, one of...
2022-03-19 19:27:57

a few thoughts on weakness

‘Weakness’ does not have to be bad or shameful. 

‘Weakness’ can also mean ‘opportunity for improvement.’

Acknowledging and embracing weaknesses allows you to openly & efficiently work on improving, which helps build credibility & trust with the people around you. 

Masking and rejecting weaknesses have the exact opposite...
2022-03-18 22:16:09

Accountability ≠ beating yourself up

Let’s say you fell short of your goal today — maybe you were aiming to finish a project, but because of distractions and unexpected challenges, you only got 50% of it done. 

There are a couple of ways that you could respond:

You could berate yourself, saying something like,...
2022-03-17 23:00:05

Progressive overload & growth

Progressive overload is a term used in athletic training that refers to gradually increasing the amount of intensity in your strength routine to grow stronger. The key to progressive overload is not to increase the intensity by too little or too much as both cases result in your body failing...
2022-03-17 04:28:20

compete with yesterday

When my team was figuring out how to measure the success of our business in my first job, a lot of managers would frequently reference the book Moneyball. 

Moneyball covers how the Oakland Athletics baseball team and their general manager, Billy Beane, used rigorous data analysis to boil down...
2022-03-16 03:10:36

Toto Wolff

One of the things that I admire about Toto Wolff, Team Principal & CEO Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team (8-time winner of the F1 constructor's championship), is his ruthless attention to growing in all aspects of his life. 

Here are some principles & accompanying quotes from Wolff that I think...
2022-03-15 03:55:25

you don't need a reason

The conditions you can come up with for your happiness are a dime a dozen:

“I’ll be happy when this stressful project wraps up.”

“I’ll be happy when I get this new job.”

“I’ll be happy when this problem is resolved.”

Alternatively, you can also resolve to be happy now.

2022-03-14 04:27:48


Tim Ferris has this great quote, “In a world where nobody really knows anything, you have incredible freedom to continually reinvent yourself and forge new paths, no matter how strange. Embrace your weird self. There is no one right answer… only better questions.”

For the most part, you’re not obligated...
2022-03-12 23:07:10