Inspired by
Book Darts Brandon Wilson
and popular note taking tools
Roam Research
I've spiked a basic bi-directional linking user-interaction. Now you can use it by typing [[ (double brackets). After typing double brackets a popup will suggest existing topics you can select from. If the topic doesn't exist then you can finish typing the new topic and then hit enter.
will create that topic for you when you publish.

, and I can mention the show
. Then we can view the topic page by clicking
to see all the content that has linked to it. Right now the functionality is rudimentary, but as we begin to link more and more things I hope that we can think of some really cool user interactions that increase our gumption for writing and thinking. I can't wait to see how you all use it.

PS: As of now you cannot go back and add topics to an old post. None of the linking will happen in the database then. I hope to change this because I don't want to facilitate only a Publish and done user interaction but a revising, living and breathing workflow. 

PS this was a repost due to some bug on first post

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