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Even the big spaces like Twitter have their own corners within them. The difference between big places and small corners though is that the latter continues to design intentionally for the specific corner crowd.

Product Hunt
Angel List
was designed specifically from the get-go for a niche case. A niche corner. And they still design for that corner. Whereas,
may have started designed for the niche crowd of college students, but it's since become more like a catch all infrastructural tool for social communication and profile and business pages.
may have small corners in it for the developer niche or hip hop niche or trans niche but it was never designing for developers, hip hop heads, or trans people specifically.

One big mistake I made with
was trying to make a tool that allowed for cornering before I had even learned to foster a single corner itself. So the
Adagia Tribes
feature was that attempt. It didn't work out because the site itself barely had enough usage to justify itself as one small corner, and I was trying to make a tool that allowed for even more! 

Fun fact for you: I had considered Corners as a name for Tribes as well. Along with Cafes. Ha
Haha... Good one. That's such an immense product lesson. I'm sure it will remain fresh in your memory forever.

By the way, I didn't get a notification you wrote a reply post to my post, please fix your corner 🤣
2021-06-24 22:37:08
Ha i shall make a Notification for Post Replies. I just never got around to making one so it's not a bug but a lacking feature.
2021-06-25 14:20:30

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