I was thinking last night about an odd triplet. The three of us don't look like we'd be part of the same friend circle. We don't even write in similar ways like 
and I do. And yet it's now just after 2.5 years of knowing each other that I see how remarkably similar we are. 

I was thinking about 
. Keni I knew from earlier how in sync we were though we didn't have many similarities. But as I got to know her more -- maybe not even more personally but more through here writing -- I realize that she approaches things in her life in analogous ways as myself. Events in her life affect her in similar ways. That wasn't too shocking. We are both connected to immigrant backgrounds. She is an immigrant herself.

What surprised me was what I've learned about Brandon these past few months. The last person I thought I'd see similarities in. But I've slowly realized that although he's not an immigrant, he has gone through high levels
just the same. And you can see that to this day in his
views. Maybe because he was also an
in his own way he was able to so quickly move away from home to
and then 

I used to think that college majors were superficial. But when I learned a while ago that the three of us studied
in our undergrad, the seed was planted for this idea. And I guess the sprout became visible for the first time last night. We are very connected. Though our eyes might tell us different.
Interesting observations. Who knew psychology would be the common element. I'm not an immigrant, but I do feel that outsider status that you reference. Perhaps I should add "privileged outsider" to my email signature. 🤣
2021-04-28 15:35:10
is what made me see. But there's deeper things that led to us having that palpable shared attribute. That deeper thing is what i'm looking forward to learning more about with time.

I think that deeper thing is what
likes to call 
2021-04-28 15:42:48
I approve this message. :) 

I believe our love for writing also ties us together. I have often thought about how much I might have missed out because I didn't make an effort to get to know people that I prejudged as not being my type. This writing experiment is teaching me a lot.
2021-04-28 21:40:58

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