Brighter Dawns
When reading a few stories back at 
I remember feelings of awe when reading these fantastical writings by you. I was like 'damn i wish i could do that. how does he do that'. 

now that we co-write daily i love that i get to just watch you try and try again. honing the craft. I get to peer over and really see what you're trying to build and hone.
Abraham Kim
Shells Of Our Fathers
I ended up minoring in German lol. I probably remember just as little of it as you do Russian, but I'm more confident in myself so would rate myself as having retained 20% of what I'd known. 

There were German practice sessions and stuff after college that I attended. Did you do any practicing for your Russian after graduation?

I remember you also speaking way better German than me when we were at 
because you had taken it so many years at the great 
high school lol.

When were you reading the 19th century russian novelists? I think I got into them right around graduation and then extending into my post college years.

And yes those Russian novelists really captured something that resonates with people like you, me, and 
Abraham Kim
A good job
so i'm guessing yo uwere a tutor inside a help-room? The university that 
and I attended had this for math/stats as well.

you must've been pretty good if you got that job. 

now that i write this I think Drew worked in one of the help-rooms as well at 
Abraham Kim

Abe's Glog
To actually live

One thing I rarely lacked in college was confidence. My best friend was an odd kind and I spent a lot of time with him. One of his more frequent obsessions was talking about how young some people were when they achieved a big thing: a common example being Bret...
This reminded me of your post 
Re: Re: Friendship Keni

reading this and that older post reminds me of how being at 
 felt for me. There was just so much open time and space for a collective of people to share experiences and growth together. That was the number one education in my view. Far greater and undescribable than something that was delivered via syllabi, tests, and online videos.
Abraham Kim