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it's friday as reply to Batman

Abraham Kim
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Charlotte hated when old friends reached out to her. They were all finishing up school and getting real jobs suddenly. Nobody seemed to be doing anything big for the past few years and all the sudden there was an explosion of 'good' news on Facebook .

What could she say about...

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Big Tech is the Downtown of the internet

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The  Church of Twitter has had a busy week. The mobs either crowning Elon Musk as contemporary Martin Luther or another  billionaire buying his way into societal  infrastructure .

Independent of this, my friend remarked that if Facebook were to disappear tomorrow that there would be non net-negative impact to society....

Flash Fiction Practice
SSD as reply to The great reveal

Abraham Kim
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He hadn't been to SSD since he got his puppy. But before that he used to spend all his free time, weekday or weekend s, at the SSD. He liked the first S the best. It stood for  shooting range . It was not that he found pleasure in shooting...

financial-idiot.blog - Fresh from the Press

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A few minutes ago, I was sitting on the toilet when suddenly an idea struck. I finally had a name for my not-yet created money / financial newsletter .

Without further ado, I introduce: financial-idiot.blog  No, there isn't a landing page yet, nor is there anything other.

The idea struck me,...

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The first to say

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When I enter the  cafe she won't recognize me right away. We've both changed a lot.

In fact I wouldn't recognize her either except for the fact that the  barista in a cafe is always on display like a flower.

She will recognize me eventually though. I'll go when she's doing something...

Shark Swim

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We specialized in web applications . There was actually a time when we considered going into desktop and native applications, but the demand for web apps was just too big that I guess my partner and I never even had the chance to decide. Our path was chosen for us.


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Websites as reply to January 6th - Hosting Shutdown

Abraham Kim
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He ran a  hosting business on the side. Except for two months it never made money. But it wasn't a big deal because he needed to host websites for people, including himself and his family anyway.

He was old school, still "hosted websites". Anybody else still in the hosting game --...

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As he grew older he found it harder to recognize people. He still could recognize everyone, but there was a time in high school when he couldn't imagine not being able to see and old classmate and knowing it was them right away. Even if they were to meet in ...

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She thought she might be able to be a  barista forever. So long as she owned the cafes one day. Making 12 bucks an hour plus tips was just not going to cut it for the rest of her life.

The people and their tips were nice. They meant well, but...

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Untitled Shared at Dec 24, 2021

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email is a great method of communication. You send off your message and you kind of forget about it. No waiting around to see if the other person checks it and replies right away. You just go about your day.

At least that's how I use it. Maybe you do sit...

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And, not Or

web 3.0 web3 Twitter Facebook web 2.0
The promise of  web 3.0 or  web3 is cool. Basically it argues for a shift in the way our digital infrastructure is organized so that not only the investors/founders/creators have equity and profit from that infrastructure but also the users.

There's great power in the idea of feeling like a user...

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Untitled Shared at Sep 26, 2021

Facebook Twitter web 2.0 topography Tupac Suge Knight Illmatic Limewire
This was before  web 2.0 . You didn't surf the net expecting most your information to come from one of the bigs like Facebook or  Twitter . Instead you would visit these horribly designed websites with no sense of  topography and often light-yellow or pitch black backgrounds. Something about that...

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Crooked Schedules - 3

Baker Ave. Facebook coffee Chipotle honeybush caffeine
"Hello, Jake."

It was Riley from back in the day. We'd both lived in Williams Hall, and we'd often go eat and try to study together. After moving off campus it got hard trying to see each other, and I guess we just found our own ways. 

"So you're living off...

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A mysterious visit

Facebook Jeannie Hammond Imogen Howe
Her invitation came out of the blue. A message over Facebook sparked a conversation. We talked nonstop until we agreed that she would visit me during winter break.

It was strange because we hadn't kept in touch until that message over Facebook. But once we began chatting it felt like...

Documenting Adagia
Corners as reply to Internet Corners

Abraham Kim
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Even the big spaces like Twitter have their own corners within them. The difference between big places and small corners though is that the latter continues to design intentionally for the specific corner crowd.

Product Hunt and Angel List was designed specifically from the get-go for a niche case. A...
A glimpse behind the curtain
Okay that's what I thought. Just wanted to make sure in case there was some other place you had been doing it beforehand.

like until I read your story about you recording the old school analog doctrines I had no idea you had that history.

Interesting thing here is that I have a similar history with writing to you as well. Long before committing to writing daily I had many instances of sending my friends unsolicited writing.

often times humorous stories making fun of people we mutually knew in the form of 'tales'. Sometimes I'd be writing paragraphs and paragraphs on 
 messeages before they created it as a chat app.
Abraham Kim
Community of craft
What are you feelings on
communities you belong to? You just mentioned how you were looking to drop them out of your life. 

What got you into them and what led you to feeling such a way after? 
Abraham Kim