Flash Fiction Practice
A mysterious visit

Her invitation came out of the blue. A message over Facebook sparked a conversation. We talked nonstop until we agreed that she would visit me during winter break.

It was strange because we hadn't kept in touch until that message over Facebook. But once we began chatting it felt like...

Documenting Adagia
Corners as reply to Internet Corners

Abraham Kim
Even the big spaces like Twitter have their own corners within them. The difference between big places and small corners though is that the latter continues to design intentionally for the specific corner crowd.

Product Hunt and Angel List was designed specifically from the get-go for a niche case. A...
A glimpse behind the curtain
Okay that's what I thought. Just wanted to make sure in case there was some other place you had been doing it beforehand.

like until I read your story about you recording the old school analog doctrines I had no idea you had that history.

Interesting thing here is that I have a similar history with writing to you as well. Long before committing to writing daily I had many instances of sending my friends unsolicited writing.

often times humorous stories making fun of people we mutually knew in the form of 'tales'. Sometimes I'd be writing paragraphs and paragraphs on 
 messeages before they created it as a chat app.
Abraham Kim
Community of craft
What are you feelings on
communities you belong to? You just mentioned how you were looking to drop them out of your life. 

What got you into them and what led you to feeling such a way after? 
Abraham Kim