You wake up and realize it was all a dream. You look at your files and you see that you have only 20 words written for your thesis. It is still 2020 of November. 
is raging. 

Someone walks up to you with a poison capsule and offers it to you.
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a wild ride as reply to Therapy is a sham.

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Berlin COVID meditation internet Argentina S-Bahn
Turned out that The British Singer's therapist was actually the same Argentinian therapist Fed used. Hilariously, it turned out that I was not living in Berlin and instead was living in Argentina this entire time. I was that therapist. "But what about all the nights we hung out?" I asked...

Life Change

popcorn exercise Everyone's Favorite Virus™️ homeoffice puppy dog COVID Writing Adagia potato chips chocolate unhealthy overweight diet fitness gym habit health Zwift Strava streaks cycling Fitbit
Since I was around ten years old, my love for food was somehow amplified. I started to eat more, and with more came along "bad" food. I fell for popcorn , potato chips and chocolate . Although my braces set a limit on the chocolate input (since then, eating "normal"...

I caught it

COVID pandemic homeoffice
It has been a while since I have written here. Nothing special about it, I just didn't find the time or muse to craft something. Well, that changed on Monday.

After more than two years of a global pandemic   COVID arrived in my body. I'm not sure where I picked it...

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alcohol the old friend as reply to Not ready.

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COVID alcohol empathetic
Not only because of COVID but because of all the social implications that it brought.

The past two and a half years has finally taught me that I don't like alcohol it self that much.

In fact I think back to when i started liking drinking and it was always tied to...

Cruise Upcoming

COVID vacation paramedic cigars PCR Test cruise ship Venice Mediterranean sea health personnel Wacken Open Air cigar lounge
I was just at the test centre to get a COVID PCR Test . I'm not feeling sick, but I needed to board a cruise ship on Saturday in Venice . I will finally enjoy an 8-day vacation on the Mediterranean sea .

I have been looking forward to this since...

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COVID Polish barszcz chicken noodle soup flu ICU
COVID or a really bad flu. Not sure yet.

But one thing's for sure. I'm glad to be spending these sickly days in a warm Polish home. With the fire going. With the sound of a child explaining his latest fascination to his mom. With the kitchen heating up leftover barszcz...

Flash Fiction Practice
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cafe Subaru COVID Jeannie Hammond Imogen Howe
She showed up to town a day early.
This surprised me. I was used to her being fashionably late wherever she went.

Final Friday, some no name party at a no name  cafe out in the middle of nowhere. Why did she come out such a way for this?

She drove her  Subaru...
Return of the malingerers
what makes things like 
so difficult is because there are too many instances where both sides can be true. 

Like in this case -- we are totally in sync about 
-- as in the other day my gf who manages appointments for some university program told me everybody's cancelling on her with flu like symptoms, this thought came into my head:

I bet a lot of people are going to start saying they have symptoms and blackball their managers/employers who will have no recourse but to say 'sure take the day off/don't come in'. But this 100% acceptance rate of symptoms can only last for so long if even a minority of people abuse it.

So that's one side of truth. There will definitely be malingerers. But then it's also true that the system before was completely messed up as well. The system in where people were coming in sick! 

Also there's one huge 100 pound cherry ontop of this shit cake. Which is the fact that most 
have such abysmal lifestyles that their health is in poor shape and they actually are feeling that sick that often.

All of this is basically out of scope for any employers to solve. Tough City
Abraham Kim
She waited eagerly
I remember when
first hit the states feeling this euphoria. I almost felt like an upperteenager who confronted by 
. I saw COVID as this thing that I could tackle as a servant.

That didn't last long lol.
Abraham Kim

Flash Fiction Practice
She waited eagerly

Zoom Instagram Netflix Twitter COVID Trump
She waited eagerly. Everyday. Especially when walking under the summer sky on her walks, wondering what this winter would be like. 

She secretly hoped that COVID would be worse this year. That it would be bad enough that her university would let her work from home again. 

She wanted this...

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Something I'm waiting for

Baz COVID 200WAD Ray Bradbury Disney The New Yorker co-writing
In a moment of inspiration I once challenged GabrielGreco back in 2020. This was back when the two of us were writing on and off on 200WAD. Back before Baz announced that it would be closing. I sold Gabriel on the premise of...
One thing that fascinates me is that you wholeheartedly claimed that 
has been an awesome time for you and treated you well. Yet you have this fierce macro discontent.

It seems that actually most of your discontent -- expressed form at least -- heavily leans towards macro. You get pissed about the publishing industry and shitty readers rather than your micro/personal writing habits. 

Adding an LOL here cause I don't want this to come off as me being pissed or angry at Gabriel. I always try to challenge him and his thinking lol.
Abraham Kim
Ah this is the new hot topic issue of the internet I believe. No longer are people fascinated by talking about

You know it's funny that you bring up how you can't understand how people wouldn't side with 
. But I am someone who leans more towards 
... though that opinion is changing more everyday.
Abraham Kim

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Germany COVID
I hope one lasting consequence of COVID in the U.S is a blurring of work-time.

There's a saying like fish in water to mean sometimes you don't know something you're so ingrained within. The concept of work-time has been something I've been fish-in-water for.

I can recall instances in the past...