Progress on...
> I switched to DuckDuckGo in all browsers. I don't feel any difference here so I'll probably stick with this one.

This surprises me. Years ago i used
and found it much harder to find the web dev q + a that i needed. I'll revisit.

Re: Email 
> Paying for anything else right now is difficult

Ha so I guess no
and I were gift-messaging each other when i told him to look at it.

PS: I still use 
and probably will continue to do so until... mmm not sure. I don't have the same de-googling desire in terms of consumer products as you and 
 seem to share.
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Before the commitment

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For me the worst part about the internet is the best feature: infinite access to information.

By this point in my life I've figured out and accepted that the best type of day is not the kind that starts with consuming. It doesn't matter how good the podcast is or how...

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Growing up I frequently heard people derisively describe Picasso's later paintings as things kids could've created. I also thought this of his later paintings but I never downplayed Pablo himself because I knew he wasn't a fluke. His early works featured photorealistic drawings of human hands, this is the type...

Somebody who works at Balloon House Magazine

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Later while alone it what I wanted when around Jeannie became clear. It went beyond her flesh, past the mere material -- just as how the story of a book is worth more than the ink and paper that contain it, 

I'd been daydreaming too much about my meetings with...