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Seun's Pantry
🥟 22 Dumplings
🍣 15 Sushis
🧇 20 Waffles
🥚 33 Eggs
🥩 22 Steaks
🍺 23 Beers
🍍 29 Pineapples
🥃 25 Whiskeys
🍫 24 Chocolate Bars
☕️ 16 Coffees
🍊 24 Tangerines
🍪 20 Cookies
🥓 25 Bacons
🍓 25 Strawberries
🍵 29 Teas

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Wedding 3

The Wedding. 

Church and Reception. 

Church service started by 10am, ended by 2pm. Traditional Church. Some said we should be grateful it didn’t end by 4. 

Drove to the venue of the reception. 

Lots of old faces. Lots of friends. Lots of pictures. 

Lots of tiredness too. 

I just want...
2022-06-25 21:27:32

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Nigerian parties, popularly known as Owambe, are great. 

If you're not the host.

It's always like a reunion. You get to meet a lot of people. We tend to have big families. So, our parties bring everyone together. Lots of food 

But boy, it is stressful if you're the host.

I'm so...
2022-06-24 21:10:18

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My Cousin is getting married. 

We had the registry wedding today. Tomorrow is the Engagement which is actually the traditional wedding. Then Saturday is the Church Wedding and reception. 

The average Nigerian goes through these three “separate” wedding ceremonies. We all know they are needless and one suffices. However, culture...
2022-06-23 21:25:57

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Amazon - Network Effects
Coca-Cola - Brand
AWS - Cost Advantage
Uber - Network Effects
Disney - Intellectual Property
Marvel - Intellectual Property
Starbucks - Brand
Facebook - Network Effects
Reddit - Network Effects


Attributes that make startups defensible.

Very important in building something massive.

2022-06-22 21:27:30

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How to Build a successful Shopify App

How to Build a successful Shopify App

Step 1: Start out as a Freelancer

Go on Fiverr or Upwork. Build a rich portfolio as a Shopify Developer. Have lots of clients who are happy to work with you and refer you.

Step 2: Build your clientele to over 50

You need this number. You...
2022-06-21 19:04:33

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Follow up.

Follow-up is key in SaaS. I guess pretty much in sales too

In fact, follow-up is key in every endeavour where you're trying to make another person do something. I know this because, when I preach and don't follow up, I may not be able to effectively disciple that fellow.

In SaaS,...
2022-06-20 22:33:26

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The individual is often the wrong person to appraise themselves on how they are faring in life. 

Often, we are actually making progress but we are too blind to see it. 

At that point, the appraisal of another person might just be what we need to fully understand how great...
2022-06-19 20:31:13

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Just start.

Not polished enough.
And so on.

None of the above is a worthy excuse to delay starting.

Just start.

You don't optimise an idea that's still in your head. You optimize prototypes, work in progress etc.

Never be ashamed of your chapter one. Never be ashamed of your first working draft. Never be ashamed of...
2022-06-18 22:38:48

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Most of your ideas are banal. Dig deeper.

Letter to Seun.

Most of your ideas are banal. Dig deeper.

1. Your first thought is never your best thought. It's just your first
2. Most of your ideas are banal. Dig deeper.
3. Go and find things out. Make a fetish of research. Most of the things worth hearing aren't already sitting...
2022-06-17 22:33:34

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What's your answer?

A) - A not so high paying but with so much autonomy almost working as CEO on a product with high potential 


B) - Job hopping, optimizing for salary increase 

A or B?

One of the smartest answers I got.

Early in your career, its either you are learning a...
2022-06-16 22:54:11