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Seun Oyebode last shared their writing Wedding 3
The Wedding. 

Church and Reception. 

Church service started by 10am, ended by 2pm. Traditional Church. Some said we should be grateful it didn’t end by 4. 

Drove to the venue of the reception. 

Lots of old faces. Lots of friends. Lots of pictures. 

Lots of tiredness too. 

I just want...
Seun's Pantry
🥟 15 Dumplings
🍣 9 Sushis
🧇 12 Waffles
🥚 21 Eggs
🥩 13 Steaks
🍫 15 Chocolate Bars
🍺 15 Beers
🍍 18 Pineapples
🥃 12 Whiskeys
☕️ 11 Coffees
🍊 15 Tangerines
🍪 14 Cookies
🍵 25 Teas
🥓 13 Bacons
🍓 17 Strawberries

Shay Hun's Blog

Shopify merchants have a behavior that is not good. 

The install your app. When they find an inconvenience of some sort, they uninstall almost immediately. 

They don’t give feedback. They don’t report the cause of dissatisfaction. They don’t use the live chat. They just uninstall. 

It hurts. 

Someone installed our...
2022-06-15 22:32:57

Shay Hun's Blog

Writing is good.

It clears the mind.
It clears the head.

Writing is how we actually think. Even those of us who think by speaking, think better and clearer when they write.

Writing is worth the discipline.

So, Seun get back to serious writing. Wake up and write. 

It's good for you.
2022-06-14 22:50:43

Shay Hun's Blog
A good time

The red wedding. 

Crypto is down. 

Stocks are even down bad. Some stocks are 90% down in two months. 

It’s actually a good time to buy. Because even solid stocks are really down bad. 

$AMZN, $SHOP had a stock split so I’m not really sure about those. 

But it’s actually...
2022-06-13 21:50:36

Shay Hun's Blog
Not a real place

The internet is not a real place. 

To be safe on these streets, you need to assume that by default every “advice” you see on the internet is not for you. If you don’t, you’ll be so misled and you’d have nobody to blame for it. 

You need to situate...
2022-06-12 21:28:03

Shay Hun's Blog
Saturday chose south

Saw a movie way into 2 am before going to bed this morning. I had planned that I would wake up to study my Bible.

I woke up and randomly checked Freshchat. Freshchat is the software we use for live chat.

I checked the app just in time to meet a user's...
2022-06-11 22:14:48

Shay Hun's Blog
Beverage Connoisseur

It's raining season.

I live alone.

The rainy season I've made me a beverage connoisseur. By taste, I can tell you the difference between a cowbell chocolate tea or Milo. One is smoother, the other has an aroma.

I wasn't prepared for this. At least for my unplanned increased budget going towards tea...
2022-06-10 22:26:13

Shay Hun's Blog
On Japa-compitibility

Japa is a local slang here in Nigeria that means to migrate to the US, UK or Canada. Recently people raise "japa-compatibility" when talking about love or marriage. Here's my quick response to that.

These ideals are foreign to us. And it’s not good.

You can’t eat your cake and...
2022-06-09 22:11:27

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Stupid Games

"Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."

I heard that first from Naval Ravikant. But he didn't start it. I don't know who did.

It's one of those quips that pop up in my head and gives me wisdom on demand.

The context determines its meaning. For me, the strongest meaning is, "know the...
2022-06-08 06:37:40

Shay Hun's Blog

I need to get back to writing daily. 

For a couple of reasons.

i) The coming days could get busier, thus I need to ensure I'm actively thinking on a daily basis. Writing helps me achieve that.

ii) There's something about a streak that somehow helps you build confidence in being consistent...
2022-06-05 20:38:42

Shay Hun's Blog
Favorite Apps II

I love Spotify.

Each time I make the above statement, I ask myself do I really love Spotify or I love the songs it gives me access to. 


1) I love Spotify because of the selection of songs I have access to. At least way more than Apple Music 
2022-02-01 21:21:04